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2000 Ford Ranger: diagrams, to replace the door lock actuators

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I can't find any good explanation with diagrams, to replace the door lock actuators in the doors of my 2000 Ford Ranger. Everyone wants to sell them, but none offer instructions to do the job.   I bought a pair of actuators, but didn't come with instructions.   Any advice that I can use?


The door lock actuators are not that hard to install. First remove the door panel and then once the door panel is off, punch the center out of the rivet holding the actuator to the door, then drill the rivet out.


Next, unbolt the door latch. You don't have to remove it, just take the 3 bolts out that hold it to the door. Turn the latch sideways and remove the door lock actuator.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I didn't see any rivot. The diagram isn't all that detailed. I have seen that before on anyother site. Doesn't really help.

The rivit that holds the door lock actuator is on he same side of the door as the door latch bolts. It is below the door latch.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There is no rivot below the door latch. I have a super cab ranger with two back doors that the front doors latch against. I don't know if this makes any difference, but I have taken the three screws out of the latch, and the actuator looks like it is attached to the latch somehow. Hard to see.

Ok. The actuator has a rod that attatches ti the latch to lock and unlock the door. Grab the actuator and feel where it connects to the door. It has a bracket that it is attached to and the bracket attatches to the door. This bracket is near the electrical connector. See below diagram. Actuator is #7 in the diagram.


Item Part Number Description
1 221A00 Cable
2 21852 Front Door Latch Push Button Rod
3 22152 Front Door Latch Actuating Rod
4 22400 Door Handle
5 22050 Lock Cylinder
6 22134 Front Door Latch Control Cylinder Rod
7 218A42 Power Door Lock Actuator
8 21812 Front Door Latch
9 21818 Front Door Latch Remote Control and Link

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My actuator is physically attached to the latch. When I took the screws out of the latch, the actuator and latch move around together. My actuator does not look at all like the diagram.
Are you sure your Ranger is a 2000 and not a 2001? They have different actuators. You listed your Ranger as a 2000.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It was built Sept. 1999, and is registered as a 2000. I've had it for 6 1/2 years. I ordered the latches online for a 2000, and they look exactly like the ones in my truck.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Web ItemOptionsQtyPriceStatusSkuStatus
1997-07 Ford Excursion Expedition PU Truck Mustang Ranger Right Power Door Lock Actuator-DLA F002-R 1$27.97DLA F002-R
1997-07 Ford Excursion Expedition PU Truck Mustang Ranger Left Power Door Lock Actuator-DLA F002-L 1$27.97DLA F002-L
These are what I bought online.
Sorry I haven't responded. I had some personal issues. The actuator you hae is removable by using a small pick or pocket screwdriver to release it from the latch. There is a small 90 degree downward catch that has to be pulled away from the latch to release it. At the same time, pry the actuator away from the latch from the oposite side of the latch to release it from it. You can also just use a large flat blade screwdriver and pop it away from the latch. Since you are replacing it, you can break it off and it will not damage the latch. When you install the new actuator, align the pin on the actuator with the opening on the latch and snap it into place. I have no diagrams for the installation and Ford has none that I can post. But you can dothis without removing the latc from the door. You can even do it with the latch still installed in the door, but it is not as easy as installing it with the latch loose where you can see where the locator pin and the acutator clips onto the latch. Again, I am sorry I haven;t been able to respond in time for you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the extra effort. I will attempt this. It is still a trick to get in there, but now I know what to do. Again thanks! I appreciate it.