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1999 ford mustang: v6..brake pads..depress /separate the calipers

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1999 ford mustang v6. changing the rear disc brake pads. have done it before, but having
trouble remembering how to depress/separate the calipers in order to get a big enough
gap for the new pads. Does it take a special tool or is there a way to do it with tools
around the house?

Hey BJ;


The rear brake pads will require a special to turn as the calipers twist out and in rather than in and out like a standard picton. You can buy a cheap tool at most auto stores for under $10. A good kit will cost about $50. I have attached the directions to help you out, if you have any questions feel free to ask!




  1. Use a suitable suction device to lower the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir.
  2. Raise and support the vehicle.
  3. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.

  1. Inspect the pads for wear or contamination, install new if worn to or past specification.

  1. Remove the rear brake pin retainers.

  1. CAUTION: Do not allow the rear disc brake caliper to hang from the rear wheel brake hose. Remove the rear disc brake caliper bolts and position the caliper aside.

  1. Remove the brake pads.

  1. Remove the slippers.

  1. CAUTION: Use a hub-mount brake lathe if necessary to machine the brake disc. Measure the brake disc, resurface and or install new as necessary.

  1. Compress the rear disc brake piston and adjuster into rear disc brake caliper using Rear Caliper Piston Adjuster.


  1. Follow the removal procedure in reverse order.




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX sort of remembering having a special tool for that, but being over 50 wasn't sure.