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2005 Ford Explorer XLT: 4wd..- v-6 - AdvanceTrac..slowly..clicking

Resolved Question:

I am working on a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT - 4wd - v-6 - AdvanceTrac - RSG. The issue is with the dial that you turn to turn the heat up and down and the a/c up and down. If you have it in the cold position and slowly start to turn it toward heat.... when it gets about to the middle and starts toward the red - heat side of the dial..... it starts clicking inside the dash behind the control panel and won't stop until you turn it back to the cold side. Fine for now since it's summer, but I need to address this before it gets cold outside & I need the heat. What could this be?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Sam replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomer Please meet Sam and welcome back to Just Answer with another question. The concern you are experiencing is..... one if not both, of the electronic temperature blend door actuator....and/or the temperature blend door itself being broken. The actuator is mounted on top of the evaporator case and is attached to the temperature blend door to adjust the different heat/cold settings within the evapoator case and most times requires the removal of the dash to gain access to it, particulary if the diagnosis leads to to the temperature blend door having to be replaced. There are several other on-line repairs that can be made inexpensively because of the professional repair being costly.. if it's the "worst case scenario". Unless you have the capabilities of making this repair yourself, I would strongly recommend that a professional accomplish this repair for you. Hopefully, I have been able to help you out that you will "ACCEPT" and provide a positive feedback. THANKS! ......Sam
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have worked on several vehicles in the past that have a control flap like what you're describing. I was normally able to access it by removing the Radio, dash trim and a/c controls. In the past I have seen these doors pop off on one side or the other & get hung up..... most sound like a plastic gear clicking like something has popped off. Are you saying I can not access the flap without removing the entire dashboard? I would like to rule everything out before pulling the entire dash out.
Expert:  Sam replied 8 years ago.
Hello! What I am indicating is that you can remove the radio, and glove box to gain access to the temperature blend door actuator that is mounted on top of the evap case...however, you will need to remove the dash to replace the blend door itself. Leave the temp control in because we need this for test purposes. This is what I recommend that you do, being that I do know now that you can "wrench"..... Remove the the actuator to check that it is operating through its FULL range of motion while changing the temperature control manually, with the key in the Run position. If it stops midway, as you've indicated that is when it starts clicking, then the actuator is stripped and must be replaced. The blend door must be checked out also as this may have caused the actuator's nylon gears and/or teeth to strip. If the actuator sweeps its full range of motion and isn't binding or clicking.... then the blend door must be checked for it being cracked at where the actuator stem notches into. This is a very common break there, at which time the evap case and dash must be removed to replace the door to complete a professional repair. Hope this helps....thanks.....Sam
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