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2005 Ford Escape: 2.3L..electrical problems..jump start

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My 2005 Ford Escape, 2.3L/four wheel drive suddenly started exhbiting some electrical problems. The first occurence required getting a jump start after turning the engine off for 30-minutes. After re-starting the radio lights were blinking and the ABS warning light was on. I have not needed to jumb start the vehical for a month, but sometimes when time I drive and only after stopping, the radio blinks for a few monents and the ABS light comes on at the same time. I can also here the CD player mechanism.   The starter somtimes sounds weak when starting, and the battery and charging system have been confirmed to be operating. Any trouble shooting tips would be appreciated.

Hello Seattlewest,

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Do you own a DC volt meter to do some tests?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes have voltmeter and trouble shooting experience

first off I need you to turn on the headlights (engine off), Leave them on for 30 seconds then turn them off, now check the battery voltage after waiting 1 minute________?

Now start the vehicle and turn everything electronic off and check the battery voltage______?

Now while still running turn o nthe headlights and climate control blower on high and the wipers on high and tell me the battery voltage_______?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Headlights on 30 seconds,then off, check after 1 minute =12.47V

Engine on all electronics off=12.85V

Engine running, lights on, blower on, wipers on full = 10.9V to 11.5V (fluctuating)

Even though the alternator tested fine at some point is is not showing good now. The running voltages should be between 13 and 14.5 volts and your battery is dischageing slowly because the alternaotor is failing to keep the battery at a sustained voltage.
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