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2006 Ford F350: running cranks but wont start..Fuel pressure

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2006 Ford F350 w/ 6.0 L Diesel. Was running fine...stopped engine to unload truck then went to restart and it cranks but won't start. Fuel pressure and flow is fine and all fuses have been checked - they are all okay.

The engine acts as if no fire is going to the glowplugs, however, the engine glowplug preheat indicator acts as if the glowplugs are working comes one, and then turns off to indicate it is ready to start.

I've checked the computer for error codes and it says there aren't any recorded.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with advice to identify and fix this problem without sending it to a shop?

HelloCustomer there are a few known concerns that could cause this symptom and multiple other possibilities as well, unfortunately most of the causes require manufacturer specific tools to diagnose. The known concerns with the 6.0 are high pressure oil leak concerns. This engine utilizes high pressure oil to force fuel through the injectors and when the high pressure oil system gets a leak internally it will cause the engine not to start. Typical leak locations is at the branch tube connection fitting at the high pressure oil pump (which is under the turbo), leaking oil rail o-rings, and stand pipe o-rings. Also the cam position sensor going bad is known to cause a no start condition, however this would give you a code almost immediately. Some times when you have a high pressure oil leak, if the leak is a small one, you can overcome the leak by cranking the engine longer as the high pressure oil system is very high but is is a very low flow design and by cranking it longer it sometimes will eventually build enough pressure to start the engine and feed the leak. A leak in the high pressure oil system will sometimes only set a code if you continue to crank the engine for an extended period of time without pausing. The code will indicate low ICP injector control pressure during cranking. Glow plugs assist ignition only on a cold engine, the primary source for ignition is the heat of the compressing air, the fuel is normally injected into the cylinder when the piston is at the top of the cylinder and the air is super heated from being compressed. Most diesel trucks don't even need glow plugs on warm summer days.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks SuperBob.


I was afraid that something like this may be the case. I couldn't see any external leaks anyplace and I tried to crank the engine for a longer period to get it to start with no luck. I believe that it will be going into the Ford shop on Monday and hopefully the engine warranty will help cover the costs. At least it quit at could have been worse.


I do appreciate your help with my question. Payment has been sent to your account.


Thanks again!


Kevin -Customer/p>

Thank you for the feedback, good luck with that truck.