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97 ford f150: four way plug for towing..trailer..splice..left rear

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I have a 97 ford f150. A few years back I went to buy a jeep that had a four way plug for towing. The trailer recepticle was not working so we had to splice into the wires near the left rear truck lights to get it to work. This has worked for me until recently. I went to launch a jet ski and after that the turn signals and flashers and brake lights quit. I have not had this happen before when launching my bass boat. I replaced the fuse that burnt out for the brake lights and they now work but the turn signals and flashers still don't. So I figured that they must have shorted out also. But I cannot find any fuse for the turn signals and flashers. Does this mean I will probably have to replace the swithes?

Also I finally bought a new tralier tow pigtail but it does not work so now I'm thinking it might be the wiring harness going up front or the plugs for the trailer tow. not sure. I need get a 12 volt tester only have a 24+ volt to see if I have power at the trailer tow

thanks debby
Hi Debby, and welcome to JA. So your 97 F150 has a concern for the trailer lights, turn signals and flashers?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, all three


I just tested the wires in the back.


At the connections for the trailer tow plugs and wires under frame I only get the park/brake lights on the plug with two prongs. the other four prong plug nothing. and one prong on the 7 way plug gives me the park/brake


At the plug and wires for the truck tail light I get the same only the park/brake lights


also the BRAKE lights will only work if the hazzard button is pushed down in the on position.


The turn signals and brake lights were working when I connected it to the four prong jet ski trailer. I believe the lights stopped working after i launched the jet ski. I had to back in a ways to get the ski off the trailer. But this never happened when launching my bass boat.


could it have been caused just by hooking up the jet ski trailer? it was not mine.



Of course the trailer could be the problem but have you checked the battery junction box in the engine compartment?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No. how do i check that? where is the box?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
do you mean the power distribution box? I did have to replase the 15 amp fuse #7 for the brake on / off switch because it did blow. are there fuses for the turn signals? I could not find any location in my Op maual

3x I tried to send this...



Vehicles Built After 6/24/96
Power Distribution Box
Power Distribution Box (Vehicles Built After 6/24/96)
Engine Fuse Module
Fuse Panel Details
Engine Fuse Module

EMRSR and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Engine Fuse Module

The Engine Fuse Module is located near power distribution box.

EMRSR and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ok I replaced some additional fuses


#24 25A fuse power point

#34 20A fuse trailer tow lamps


#5 20A in the engine fuse module

#2 15A fuse emergency flasher


I now have flashers but the turn signals still don't work. Are there any specific fuse / relays i need to check?



Did you get them going? And have you checked these relays?


Power Distribution Box (Relays)

Power Distribution Box (Relay)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Not yet.


the image of the power distribution box you sent looks nothing like mine.


I think I figured out the diagrams you have are numbered different then the ones in my OP manual for the fuse boxes. I checked out an op manual on basically the same fuses in the same place just different item #'s but the online manual had more info as to what the fuses were for.


I checked all the fuses and they are good


Relays I have located inside large fuse box - (WOULD ANY OF THESE AFFECT TURN SIGNALS)


#1 (#1) Interior lamps relay

#5 (#2) Battery saver relays

#15(#3) not used

#25 (#4) one touch down relay (WHAT IS THIS ONE FOR?)

#31 (#5) assesory delay relay


found two relays under dash near steering column

There is a blue one I believe is the flasher relay

and a black one that I believe is the blower relay

( I will try and replace the Flasher (blue) relay to see if this helps I can't swap it out cause it is the only one on the truck so I will have to go buy one.



Relays in Power Distribution box

#3 EEC relay - black relay

#8 Horn relay - black relay

#13 Fuel pump relay - black relay

#16 Washer pump relay - sm gray relay

#22 Windshield wipers run/park relay - sm gray relay

#31 Windshield wipers HI/LO relay - sm grey relay


Relay box next to power distribution box holds 5 unknown relays(can't find any info on line yet as to what these are and they are not in OP manual)


two sm gray relays side by side

one black relay

two sm gray relays side by side


If you can see this pic it is what my PDB looks like but this one has one extra relay in unknown box


















The blower flasher relay block iunder the dash, the one touch down relay is for the power windows. I will look to see if i can get something better on the other relay box.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Turn signals are now working. I reinstalled the turn signal switch that I had removed to check the wires. Maybe a bad connection with steering column which doesn't make since cause it was working fine before I blew out the fuses.


Thanks for your advice some of it did end up helping in the long run even though we had different info on my truck fuse configuration