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How do I remove the center console in a 2008 Ford Fusion?

Resolved Question:

how do I remove the center console in a 2008 Ford Fusion?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  fordman312009 replied 8 years ago.

here is the directions goodluck and let me know if you need anything else ok


SECTION 501-12: Instrument Panel and Console2008 Fusion/Milan/MKZ Workshop Manual
REMOVAL AND INSTALLATIONProcedure revision date: 07/12/2007


Console - Floor Printable View (173 KB)


NOTE: Fusion, Milan shown, MKZ similar.

ItemPart NumberDescription
1 061A16 Selector lever trim ring
2 045A76 Floor console finish panel
3 - Floor console utility tray
4 672A40 Floor console bolt cover (2 required)
5 W711401 Floor console bolt (2 required)
6 W709955 Floor console center bolts (2 required)
7 045A36 Floor console
8 W711401 Floor console rear bolt (2 required)

Removal and Installation

All vehicles

  1. Position the front seats forward and remove the 2 floor console rear bolts.
  1. Position the front seats rearward.
  1. If equipped, pull the parking brake handle upward.

Fusion, Milan

  1. If equipped with an automatic transmission, remove the selector lever trim ring.

All vehicles

  1. If equipped with a manual transmission, remove the gearshift knob.
  1. Open the storage compartment door.
  1. Remove the floor console finish panel.
    • Disconnect the electrical connectors.

Fusion, Milan

  1. Remove the utility tray.
    • Disconnect the electrical connector.
    • Disconnect the audio jack connector.
  1. Remove the 2 floor console bolt covers.
  1. Remove the 2 floor console bolts.

MKZ only

  1. Remove the LH and RH floor console trim panels.
  1. Remove the 2 floor console-to-instrument panel bolts (one each side).

All vehicles

  1. Remove the 4 floor console bolts and remove the floor console.
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
fordman312009 and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I can't view any of the attachments, not sure how to remove the console finish panel
Expert:  fordman312009 replied 8 years ago.
the finish panel just pops out i believe the pictures are hard to send here i dont now why but its held down by clips
Expert:  fordman312009 replied 8 years ago.