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Where is my egr valve located on my 2001 ford ranger, 3.

Customer Question

where is my egr valve located on my 2001 ford ranger, 3.0 liter v6
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Scott replied 8 years ago.



I attached a diagram for the engine compartment. Follow the EGR solenoid vacuum hose to the EGR (right side of throttle body under the shield {your left looking at it}. (no pic available}


I am guessing you are having a EGR flow issue. These trucks, {pretty much every ford} have a issue with the DPFE sensor. {see other attachment} If you are getting vacuum to the solenoid, and if you apply vacuum to the EGR and the idle changes, 99% it is the DPFE without doing scan data and tests to verify.


If you apply vacuum to the EGR and the idle does not stumble like it wants to stall, chances are the port is dirty {happens allot also} The EGR will look like a saucer on top with a vacuum port. When reassembling, use a little anti seize on the exhaust pipe the screws into it.