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01 F150: Ticking/knocking noise..4.6L..V8

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Ticking/knocking noise in a '01 F150 (4.6L V8, 83000 miles). Started in mid-March and is getting much worse. Changed my oil before a snowboard trip to PA (from VA, 7hr drive) and noticed it upon returning, and was a quart low oil. Have been told its a stuck lifter. Is this the likely problem? If so how much would I expect to pay for repair?
HelloCustomer Please meet Sam. This has been an ongoing concern on the 4.6 liter engines especially as they become higher in mileage. It is more than likely a lifter noise that you are hearing and can be quite the expensive repair depending if the camshaft is to be replaced as well. If it's just the lifters that are being replaced.... the repair, depending on the labor rate of your area, should be about $500.00 to $600.00 ...with the cam replaced an additional $300.00. In most cases these lifter noises may go on forever without any detrimental harm to the engine, as I have experienced these lifter noises run another 100K miles with the lifter noise. Your best bet is to have the engine oil replaced at their regularly scheduled intervals using a heavier weight of oil along with an additive. I would strongly recommend the Lucas oil treatment, as this has worked for me amazingly! This may even lessen this lifter noise tremendously if not rid of it entirely! Hopefully, I have been able to help you out that you will "ACCEPT" and provide a positive feedback. THANKS! Please feel free to ask any furthermore questions on this post about your question even after you've accepted.....and thanks also for choosing Just Answer!............Sam
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