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2002 ford ranger: dead battery..pulling..4.0 liter engine 4x4..trans.

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i had a dead battery again on my 2002 ford ranger i used a test light for some tests and after pulling fuses theI/P fuse panel seems to be the draw , where do i go from here? it is a 4.0 liter engine 4x4 with an auto. trans.

A test light is not very accurate way to check for a draw on this system because of the modules or computers on this vehicle. It has to be able to have voltage and current draw to go into the sleep mode which takes about 30 minutes.


You will need an voltmeter that measures amps to do this. First open drivers door then take a screw driver and trip the latch in the side of the door so the interior lights go off. Unhook the neg cable.Take a jumper wire and hook in between the neg cable and battery. This is to keep from blowing the fuse in your meter until modules go to sleep.

Now hook you amp meter in between the neg cable and battery and walk away for about 35 minutes. Then come back and remove the jumper wire and read your meter. It should read 0.05 amps or less. Now if reading more than this start unhooking fuses until it goes away.

Now on some when you unhook the fuse and plug it back in the amps may jump up but if you do not activate anything in the vehicle it should drop right back down in a couple of minutes. You will have to take your time and be patient it can be time consuming but this will lead you to your drain on the system.

Here is a pic of the meter hook up


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what do you suspect it might be ? when i first got the truck the same thing happened and i replaced the motorcraft battery witha legend napa battery and had no problems . it appears no draw from alternator. the truck has all the bells and whistles . should i take it to the ford garage or try putting a new battery in again .this battery is 16 months old?

No you can have the battery tested.

If you have a draw on the system it could be anything really including the alternator,which I forgot to mention when doing your test also unhook the 3 wire connector on the alternator to make sure it is not the draw along with pulling fuses. You will have to first isolate the circuit or system before you can determine what is causing the draw.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
when it did it severaldays ago i charged the battery and it showed 13.5 volts the next morning and all was good until this morning . i unhooked the negative cable and also the clips off the alternator and with the test light the draw was still on. does tthis indicate the alternator is ok?

No because as I explained earlier the test light may not be letting current flow so the modules can go into sleep mode,plus you would have to wait about 30 minutes after unhooking before you would have an accurate reading because the modules are still awake,waiting for a command.

Think of it like your home computer. They have to go into screen saver before you can test it but it takes 30 minutes on these.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you
You are welcome. Thanks for using just answer.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what is the I/P fuse panel and how do you fix that problem?

instrument panel fuse panel

Why do you ask?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
that was the fuse name that made the test light go out . it started raining a cold rain here so we gave up for today we will try the mter tests when it gets nicer weather but wondered what that could be that would cause battery drain ?. i have lost several functions such as low fuel warning.

That one feeds the fuse panel under the dash. Now you will have to go to that one and start pulling fuses to see which one takes it away. Make sure you trip the latch in the door and wait for the screen saver before starting.

Like I said it will be time consuming but once you get it localized it will be easier.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you again
Your welcome

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