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1998 ford F150: Check Engine light..Engine light came..1 qt low..drove

Customer Question

Yesterday my 1998 ford F150 Check Engine light came on. I pulled into a gas station and check the oil it was 1 qt low but is due for a 3000 mile change and that is about normal. I noticed the positive battery cable had a lot of corosion so figured that must be the problem and drove it 10 miles home. This AM when I went to start it there is a loud tapping noise like a lifter or rocker. It doesn't run rough and idles where it should its just noisy.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Steve S replied 8 years ago.
Hi thereCustomer The truck being one quart low and the terminal being corroded will not turn the " check engine" light on. The light is being turned on because of an emission concern. You could go to a local Auto Zone or place like that that would retrieve the codes for you and then you would atleast have an idea of what system is at fault. Unfortunetly I cannot hear the noise that you hear, but I can tell you that these trucks had ALOT of exhaust manifold troubles. And when they started to leak they do produce a noise similiar to a tapping like a lifter. But there are so many things that would turn that check engine light on, if the truck is running ok it could just be a sensor at fault. But getting the codes checked has to be the first step. Thanks Steve
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thanks . that is a plausible answer. I had'n thought about a manifold leak. It was not making that noise as I drove it home so I was suprised this morning. Mostly I wanted to feel safe to drive it to the mechanics shop about 3 miles tomorrow. Run by a bunch of ex ford dealer mechanics and Service Manager. I love this truck it has never given me any major problems and at 144,000 miles I want to drive it 100,000 more!

Expert:  Steve S replied 8 years ago.
Well I wish you luck. I believe that you are definetly safe to drive the truck a few miles. Let me know how you make out and if you need anything else. Thanks Steve