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1989 Ford F150: the inline 6 cylinder..overheating..flushed

Customer Question

I am working on a 1989 Ford F150 with the inline 6 cylinder 300. This unit keeps overheating regardless of sitting still or running. I replaced the thermostat and flushed the raditor. Filled with 50/50 and tried a different 13 lb cap. I removed the water pump yesterday and the bearing is tight and the impeller looks good. I replaced with 195 theromstat and it does not seem to be opening until the truck is nearly in the red. I don't have a temp gun to check but it feels as though the bottom hose coming out is much cooler. It could possibly be the water temp sender, but I doubt if the raditor has ever had any service. It didn't make any difference with or without AC. What are your thoughts I don't know how the circulation is but with the WP looking like that I don't know. The fan clutch is tight as well. What do you think? Thanks Chris
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Jim replied 8 years ago.
How fast does vehicle overheat..also when idling is engine smooth or rough feeling?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Takes about 4-5 min to overheat, but i have the overflow tube loose no steam. It's also idling up and down, but it has always done that
Expert:  Jim replied 8 years ago.
Sorry to be bearer of bad news highly suspect blown head gasket ...The next step is a compression check and or cylinder leakdown check most of the 300's I have done usually involves middle 2 cylinders.. Generally does not require head replacement just remove good machine shop and possible shim with head gasket.. Those are pretty tough engine check for signs of coolant in oil like foaming or milky look sometimes if vehicle sets day or 2 crack open oil drain plug see if coolant or water comes out as oil is lighter will foat on top of coolant.. This is a major repair and as I explain to all my customers you never know what will be found when teardown begins..