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1993 Ford e150 rear door latch, both cables have failed. How

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1993 Ford e150 rear door latch, both cables have failed. How do I actuate latch to get door open. Is there a trick to replacing cables? Do I need to remove the latch assembly?

Hi there


Just so I know we are on the same page here ,, we are talking about the rear cargo doors at the rear bumper of the van ----right ?


if so ,,which door has the problem ? the drivers or the passengers side


we can go back and forth on this page



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The passenger side of the rear cargo doors has an inner handle mounted to the door stamping, and an outer handle mounted on the license plate box which is removeable.

Both these handles have cables that go up to the door latch mechanism.

The door latch and lock mechanism is fastened to the door with 3 torx screws. This door latch connects to the latch pin on the drivers side rear cargo door.

The cables have a crimped on end and the cable sheaths have a plastic ferrule on each end.. The plastic ferrules have perished from the heat here in Arizona. I will have to replace the cables.

Here is my problem. When I removed the license plate box to get at the cables, both cables came off the latch mechanism up inside the door because the ferrules that are held in place by their plasticity have perished and separated and no longer hold themselves into their cable sheath retainer brackets on the door handles or on the latch mechanism.

I inadvertently closed the door and now can't get it open to remove the three torx screws, then pull the latch down to where I can get at it when I get the replacement cables.

There was a post on the Internet from a guy who had a similar problem. The advice to him was to use a screwdriver to push on the release mechanism on the latch to get the door open. I have tried to feel on the latch for what I might push or try to rehook a cable into, to get the door open, but without suceess.

The other part of the advice on the Internet was not to try replacing the cables without a good drawing, but I have no idea where to get a drawing.

I look forward to your help.


hay -- I am in Scottsdale right now at a Ford dealer , if you are close ,,,stop by and i will take a look at it







if the cable is broken to the latch at ware it mounts to the license plate holder then you can cut the plastic sheathing off the cable to get to the metal cable and then pull on the metal cable to get the door open


most of the time we see the license plate holder assembly go bad and it does not have enough throw to open the door from the outside , but will open from the inside


if the cable is broken at ware it mounts to the latch ,,then you should be able to remove the whole license plate bezel assembly and access the door latch and can manually unlatch the door


if the cables are broken , they are only serviced with a new door latch


if you cant get it open ,,stop by and I will give you a hand



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am in Casa Grande and can't easily get up to Scottsdale, as this is my son's van.

The problem is that the cables, both inner and outer, have disconnected themselves from the latch. I have the cables in hand. They are meant to clip into place with the crimped end on the cable going into the part on the latch that moves to allow the door to unlatch, and the ferrule going into a fixed retainer bracket on the latch, much like the cables on a bicycle brake. Since the latch is up inside the door, I cannot see or feel what I need to do to release the latch manually.


if we are talking about the same door ,, the rear cargo door by the back bumper with the license plate holder in it ,,,then with the license plate housing removed you should be able to see the door latch mounted on the outer edge of the door in the center of the door ,,, and useing a flash light you can see ware the cables connect to the latch ,, and you should be able to use a pick or screw driver to activate the latch to open the door ,,, either ware the inside or outside door handle cables mounts to the latch .. I have performed this before and there is no real trick to it ,, but just knowing what will activate the latch ,, also make sure its unlocked when you do this



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