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2005 F250: my windows are working intermittently..30A..same circuit

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I have a 2005 F250 and recently all five of my windows are working intermittently. Same with the roof. I replaced the 30A breaker as I know they are all on the same circuit. That did not fix the issue - suggestions?







Hi there


I have sent you some wireing pics of your power window system ,, the best thing to do is when the power windows do not work is to find out what your power window system is missing ,,,the power or the ground ,,,you will need a test lamp or a volt meter to test this ,, access the drivers power window switch and the LIGHT BLUE / BLACK wire is the power wire and there should be power on this wire with the key on ,,,,,and the BLACK wire is the ground for the power windows


once you know what you are missing then you can back track that cercut to see ware the problem is


the power window fuses are powered up by a relay called the accessory delay relay ,, located in the interior fuse box





a good indication if this relay is going bad and causing your problem is that you will also have NO power door locks , and radio will also not work ,,,along with your power windows ,,,,,,,,,so if your power windows do NOT work and the radio does NOT work then we know that this is a power issue and we would have to start at that relay ---------if the power windows do NOT work but the radio DOES work ,,,then we know the problem is after that relay


see if you can find out if you are missing power at the power window switch when they are not working and also if the power door locks and radio are also inop at the same time


we can go back and forth on this page



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for the fast response. The only areas impacted are all the windows including the rear slider and the roof. The problem is intermittent. I pulled the 30A breaker shut the car off opened the door and then it worked again. Shortly there after (only a couple of minutes) the problem came back again. I'm thinking this issue is after the relay based on your first response but since everything works sometimes I'm thinking I have a short somewhere. Where would you suggest I begin to look especially since this seems to be an issue that comes and goes?

in order for the power windows to be inop --but the radio and the power door locks work ok,,, there must be a loose conection inside the interior fuse box ...


if you take a look at the first wireing pic I sent you of the accessory relay --when the accessory delay relay is on ,,it sends power to fuse F2.42 and fuse F2.601


fuse F2.42 is for the power doors locks and the radio


fuse F2.601 is for the power windows, rear slider,,and moon roof


so there is power on fuse F2.42 ,,,but no power on fuse F2.601 ,,I think this is what is happening ...


the best way to test this is when it is acting up ,,remove that cercut breaker and one of its pins in the fuse box should have power ,, if it does not ,,,then you know for sure that the fuse box is the problem ,, the fuse box is sold on its own and is an easy install,, four bolts and there are about 12 connectors on the back of it and it comes out ..