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My 2002 Ford Escape is stuck in reverse. This happened a few

Customer Question

My 2002 Ford Escape is stuck in reverse. This happened a few months ago but then , it only jammed into neutral. The transmission guy that fixed it said it was only "the cable" that had come loose and he had never seen this before. He said it took him 5 minutes to fix it - he just reattached the cable. Now, I'm assuming that it was the shift cable, and if so, and it is such a quick fix, can you tell me where to look to find the loose cable so I could try to reattach it myself?? I know this is the exact same problem and really need to get this fixed TODAY. I will take it to the Ford delearship after so they can reinspect and replace whatever is causing this to become loose but I need my car and it's Sunday! Help! Thank you!!


Got it figured out already. You just have to pop the hood and slide it back on. There is a cap or pin or something missing which enables this to move off. Has there been a recall for this?? For anyone interested, it's located way down on where the steering column goes into under the hood, so look down the opening behind the placement of the battery and have someone jiggle the column. You should be able to see it then, and then you just slide it back on... it's a black piece with a circle on the end that fits over a silver metal piece, so it looks like a nipple when fitted properly. But first, you must unlock it - also a tidbit I found from surfing the net - to "unstick" it, on your steering column (inside the car) is a little covered patch that you have to pop open with a screwdriver. If you stick something metal in there, it will unstick it by overriding the brake-shift interlock. So from here, put the car in park, or wiggle it around for someone to help get it back on. Now, I am by now means a mechanic. I am an early 30's female and have never even replaced a fuse on a car, much less changed a tire. But with the help of AAA and the internet, we fixed it in 5 minutes. Of course, it's sitting at the dealership waiting until tomorrow for a proper check and the right kind of metal pin or cap to hold it, but for those stuck, this is so easy to do and you could be back on your way in no time.

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Scottdagoalie replied 8 years ago.
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