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On my 2002 Ford Taurus SE, my door ajar indicator comes on

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On my 2002 Ford Taurus SE, my "door ajar" indicator comes on while I'm driving but all the doors are shut tight. I can quickly open and close the door and the light goes out, but in a few more minutes the light comes back on again and the alarm bell again rings intermittently. I took the 10A fuse out of slot #27 and of course all my dashboard warning lights did not work. What could be causing this "door ajar" light and bell to be coming on when the doors are securely shut?

HiCustomerthis is lostrider, the concern your having is due to the door ajar switch that is mounted on the door latch, each door has one, the switch is sticking and may require replacing but what you can try first is get a can of WD40 and start at the drivers door, open the door and spray into the latch on the door, spray it good, then close and ope the door about 15-20 times, then move on to the next door,do each door the same way and then drive the car to see if the concern is gone, if not then the switch will have to be replaced, but like I said, each door has one and it will have to be diagnosed to determine which switch is causing the concern., hope this helps. here is a diagram of the latch with the door ajar switch,



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Lostrider!


Thanks for the reply...I did not know there is a door ajar switch in each door! I will try the WD-40 solution to see if this work out...I will be paying for sure, but can I possibly ask what the image you included is of? I can't quite make out what part of the door that is.


Also, would I be able to easily replace the door ajar switch myself or is it pretty involved, meaning that I'd have to take off the door panel, How much is a door ajar switch?


Finally, is there any other fuse beside #27 that would control the door ajar signal so that in case, I can take the easiest, cheapest way out and just disable the door ajar switch?


Thanks in advance for all your answers to the above!

HiCustomerand thank you for the reply, that diagram is of the door latch assembly, #2 is pointing at the door ajar switch,


It gets pretty involved to replace the switch, the door panels will have to be removed and the door latch will also need to be removed to replace the switch, the door ajar switches run anywhere from $20-$40, depending on the manufacture number.


There is no single fuse or ground just for the door ajar, it will affect allot more than just the door ajar to disconnect anything except the switch itself, and if you car has delayed exit, it wont shut anything in the system down till the accessory delay relay turns it off.

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