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1998 Windstar: 000 miles..2nd has been parked

Resolved Question:

My 1998 Windstar (125,000 miles) won't shift from 1st into 2nd gear unless I start it in it for about 1/2 mile, and then put into drive, once it has shifted. If I start it in drive it looses its momentum, has to be downshifted back into second. Once it has shifted the first time from 1st into 2nd, it shifts smoothly into all 4 gears for the remainder of the drive, until it has been parked again for several hours. It seems to shift easier the first time during warmer weather........ I was told by several mechanics that I live on borrowed time with my tranny, and that they won't even touch it for a transmission fluid flush. The recommendation is of course to rebuild the tranny. Well...I've been driving the vehicle with this issue now for two years... still the same hard shifting from 1st into 2nd. It hasn't gotten any worse. Had the fluid drained, and replaced (not flushed), and a bottle of TansX added... didn't make a difference. Shouldn't the tranny haven given out by now?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  fix that car replied 8 years ago.


we need to hook a scan tool up to the PCM and pull the codes for the tranny. there are 5 shift solinoids that controll the shifting operation, it is very possable that you have a faulty solinoid. this may be a fairly simple fix. but we need the codes.

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