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2007 Ford Focus: car started..he said the power steering pump

Resolved Question:

In May of 2008, I had the o rings replaced in my power steering 2007 Ford Focus due to leakage of power steering fluid. My car started having noise problems whenever I turned the wheel. I took it back to the mechanic and he said the power steering pump needed to be replaced. I said go ahead. Before I could pick it up, he called and said their was still a noise problem and he thought he should replace the idling pulley. I said go ahead. It is now up to almost $600 and he said he thinks I need to replace the alternator!!! What does an alternator have to do with steering problems and noise??? I feel like he should have replaced the pump back in May (it was registering 30,000 miles then and now I have 49,000 miles). I read on the internet that the Focus had a technical service bulletin on power steerage leakage, is this pertinent?
I hate to keep playing a guessing game. I told him to put the car back together and I would think about the alternator. I have had no starting problems, or bat
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Kenny Z. replied 8 years ago.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.

There is a bulletin out for the o-rings leaking.It really sounds like you are getting the run around with this mechanic.He cannot keep charging you for his mis diagnosis.

It is possible that the idler pulley bearing or the alternator bearing is making noise,but certainly not all of them.I would see about getting your money back at least for the labor and diagnosis.

I obviously can't diagnose the noise over the internet.If the steering was noisy it should of had air in the fluid making it look foamy,thats why the pump makes noise because it leaks and ingests air when it gets low on fluid causing cavitation.This is an easy noise to diagnose just by looking at the fluid in the pump.As far as properly diagnosing the actual noise it is not that difficult using a mechanics stethoscope or chassis ear.He could of also removed the belt and checked all the pulleys and alternator by hand.I would try to find a ford dealer tech that comes recommended.I know this is difficult to do,there are even bad techs at the dealership level.I would keep asking around trying to find a dealer tech that has a good reputation and stick with him.Sometimes asking sales or parts personnel at the dealer can be helpful in getting an honest opinion about the techs.
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