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2004 Ford Explorer - Cruise Control not working. Checked fuses

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2004 Ford Explorer - Cruise Control not working. Checked fuses - okay. Checked brake fluid level - okay. At first the cruise control was working intermittently but not working at all. Also if I made a sudden stop my antl lock brake light would come on. On restart it would go off. It hasn't been on in a while. Transmission seems to be shifting alright. I had a Ford remote start installed by the dealer last summer. I live in Ohio with the snow,cold, and salt.

Hello, I am John, a Ford dealer technician.

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There is a common problem that could be affecting your truck. It could be the cruise control deactivator switch. This could be in two places depending on the options your truck has. Either it is on the master cylinder directly behind the reservoir or it is on a bracket behind the brake pedal. If it is on the pedal it will have a black plunger that moves when you touch the pedal. Either of these is most likely the cause and they are both under $30


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

If it was the brake pedal switch wouldn't that affect the brake lights as not to work? My brake lights do go on and off when using the brakes.

The switch on the master cylinder - can I do an ohms check on the switch or is it work or don't work.

No, this is a seperate switch that is a safety if the brake swithc fails. You don't have to do an ohm check, just jump the two pins and see if the cruise works, if so replace the switch.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This message is for John Mc. the Ford expert, I would like to apologize for not thanking you for the information. I jumpered the switch and it worked. Removed jumper and ordered switch.Thanks again. Ed (Customer)
no prob. glad to help.