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Category: Ford
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my car stalls when u hit the brake. runs fine as long as u

Customer Question

my car stalls when u hit the brake. runs fine as long as u dont slow down but u have to kinda give gas and hold brake at the same time to keep it from stalling
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 8 years ago.
If it still dies when you take it out of gear, then the idle speed control system is malfunctioning.

If taking it out of gear while slowing down, lets it stay running, then the problem is with the torque converter locking system.

USUALLY these systems have to be properly tested and diagnosed with the use of a DRB scantool, but on SOME systems there are ways to look into it, without the scanner.

With that said, I need to know if taking it out of gear helps or not, and will also need to know the year, model, and engine size of your Ford.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it is 2005 ford escape 2.3 with 4wd. I dont know if this has anything to with it but it started with giving me problems on one of the coldest mornings we had. it did nt want to start so i pumped the gas and then it started (It was very close to being out of gas at this time). I got it started put gas in it then just went on about my business. about a week later it stalled when i was turning into a road. it would not start back so we pushed it home. then the next morning we started it up and it was fine drove it to work about 40 miles. stalled when i pulled into the parking spot. did not start back. then when i got off work 12 hours later went to see if it would start to get me home. started right up and i drove home with no problems until i pulled in driveway. stalled and started back but would nt let me put it in drive or anyother gear just locked in park and would run. had another vehicle so i drove it a while about a month everynow and then i would start the escape and it would let me move it a little in the yard but when i hit the brakes it would stall and let me put in park and lock up a gain. i changed the gas filter and o2 sensor. it runs now but at a stop sign u have to hold the gas a little to keep it running and hasnot locked up anymore. now i dont know what to do and i hate to take it to a garage if it is something simple. the oil is in bad need of being changed as well . that is all i know
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 8 years ago.
The not letting you put it in gear is only related to the shift interlock system. The way it was dying on you and not starting back up, COULD be evidence of the general need of a tuneup.. but you indicate that it hasn't done this anymore in quite a while. But this could be evidence of nothing but a loose connection, especially if it gives you a hard time about starting back up again.

As far as it wanting to die when you come to a stop.... I STILL need to know if taking it out of gear helps or not, before I can really help you.

Also, this IS one of those systems that you have to have a scantool to properly diagnose.

Does it still die when you take it out of gear?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
im sorry. yes it will still die when u take it out of gear if not giving it the gas at the same time.
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 8 years ago.
OK, then there is a problem with the engine's idle speed control system. Over the years, the IAC valve gets lazy, as it opens and closes every time you apply, and let off of the gas pedal. S o it is very likely that it is just worn out. Another thing that could be is that the passages that the valve blocks off, could be built up with debris. A simple cleaning usually does the trick in this situation.

You can TEST the overall functioning of the IAC system by cranking the engine, and pulling the vacuum hose from the booster... the engine will idle up.. what you are looking for is the engine to idle back down after a few seconds. This is the IAC adjustng to keep the RPM into specified range that is determined by the computer. If the engine does not idle back down, then there is a problem with the IAc not operating correctly.

If the engine idles down after a few seconds, then plug the booster hose back to the booster, and the engine should idle down even more.. almost to the point of dying, but shuold USUALLY stay running. If the idle speed doesn't drop even more when you plug it back to the engine, then look for vacuum leaks.. which if there WERE any vacuum leaks, you would have other engine performance issues.

**** Removing the vacuum hose is ONLY for TESTING purposes, and under NO circumstances are you to actually drive the car like that.
ase_master327 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much i will try that. Have a nice day
Expert:  ase_master327 replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for asking!
Im right here if you need anything else!