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lostrider, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE Master Technician, Ford Senior Master Technician,Diesel certified, ASE Master, 22 yrs FORD exp.
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2005 Ford F250: fuel injector..all cold start..cranks..runs great

Resolved Question:

2005 Ford F250 6.0L Diesel
I have the following codes All at the same time PO261,264,267,270,273,276,279&282 All that are fuel injector circuit low input,
Symtoms are all cold start in the morning crank it over til it finally fires off.Some times 20 cranks lots of smoke later it fires off Through out the day running engine warm and runs great!!
Next morning Crank & Crank til fire.
In San Diego California its not that cold to require a block heater.
Here is what ive done to try to fix.
Alternator Checked good
2 new batteries 850CCA
New fuel filter
New tank of Gas
Fuel conditioner injector cleaner for disiel
I put a heat lamp under the engine over nite to see if that would work
No it did not.
Ford in Vista Ca will not run diagnostics for me unless they service the vehicle.
What is your advice on fixing my problem
Thanx XXXXX XXXXX [email protected] (NNN) NNN-NNNN
Submitted: 8 years ago via ChiltonDIY.
Category: Ford
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
Hi Gary this is lostrider, the concern your having is getting to be a fairly common concern, the voltage amplifier in the FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module) has gone bad, it takes the battery voltage and increases it to 48 volts to drive the injectors, the FICM will have to be replaced to repair the concern, the FICM is also a programable module and will require it to be programed to the truck, and that means it will have to go to the dealer for the repairs, If your truck has less than 100k miles on it the FICM is covered under the diesel engine warrenty with a $100 deducable, if not that module retails for about $800. hope this helps.
Description and Operation


Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM)

The FICM receives information from the PCM, including the volume of fuel desired, RPM, engine oil temperature, injection control pressure, and others. The FICM then uses those signals to calculate fuel injection and duration. After calculating injector fuel delivery time, the FICM sends 48 volts at a 20-amp pulse to the correct injector so that the correct amount of fuel is delivered to the cylinder at the correct time.


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