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2003 Ford Escape 6 cyl. no power getting to fuel pump. The

Resolved Question:

2003 Ford Escape 6 cyl. no power getting to fuel pump. The fuse and rely are fine. I put power directly to fuel pump and it works. Why I am I not getting power to fuel pump?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  breakaway500 replied 8 years ago.

Try to reset the inertia fuel shutoff.It is located on/near the rh front kick panel.


The Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) switch (Figure 73) is used in conjunction with the electric fuel pump. The purpose of the IFS switch is to shut off the fuel pump if a collision occurs. It consists of a steel ball held in place by a magnet. When a sharp impact occurs, the ball breaks loose from the magnet, rolls up a conical ramp and strikes a target plate which opens the electrical contacts of the switch and shuts off the electric fuel pump. Once the switch is open, it must be manually reset before restarting the vehicle. Refer to the Owner Guide for the location of the IFS.


It looks like this:graphic

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You are da man! That did it! Man and removed the fuel pump and everything-should have asked you first. I broke the retaining ring (that screws the pump to the tank) while trying to remove the fuel pump. I have been searching for one and I have had no luck. Can you help me find a replacement.

Again thanks a million! Feel free to post me comments-Roger

Expert:  breakaway500 replied 8 years ago.
You can try a salvage yard,as they usually pull the pump modules and toss those rings in the cars. Glad I could help! Don't forget to hit accept,or I don't get any dough :) Thanks for trusting us here at! Mark
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