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1998 ford F150: I get a 3rd door schematic..extended cab..door latch

Resolved Question:

How can I get a 3rd door schematic for a 1998 ford F150 extended cab truck. The 3rd door will not open and I can't figure out why. The door latch cable is fine. it seems like the top of the door won't release.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  mustangmike replied 8 years ago.

the latching system is fairly simple on the third door, the handle has a cable that goes to the botom latch, and another cable that goes to the top latch.

usually if the door won't release either the cable has popped off the handle or the latch, or the latch is broken.

if you need more info just reply back.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mike I have everything apart. The handles and the cable to the bottom latch seem to work just fine. I need to know where the cable for the top latch runs and how I could possibly access it in order to check it operation. That is why iI was asking for a schematic or diagram to help me out. If i can get the door open I think i can figure things out.
Expert:  mustangmike replied 8 years ago.

heres an expoded view of the door.


ItemPart NumberDescription
1 - Upper Rear Door Latch
2 - Inside Rear Door Handle
3 - Inside Rear Door Handle Remote Control
4 - Rear Door Latch Remote Control
5 - Lower Rear Door Latch
6 - Outside Rear Door Handle


and heres the manual instructions

atch-Rear Door, Upper


  1. Remove the rear door trim panel.
  1. Remove the rear door radio speaker (18808).
    1. Remove the screws.
    1. Disconnect the electrical connector.
    1. Remove the rear door radio speaker.
  • Carefully peel off the rear door watershield.
  • Disconnect the upper rear door latch cable.
    1. Lift the clip.
    1. Pull to release the cable from its seated position.
  • graphic

  • Remove the upper rear door latch.
    1. Remove the screws.
    1. Pull the upper rear door latch and the cable up through the door latch opening.
  • graphic


    To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    • If necessary, use Multi-Purpose Grease Spray F5AZ-19G209-AA or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESR-M1C159 -A to lubricate the latches
    • I hope this helps you out
    • thanks
    • mike
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