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I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. The check engine light came

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I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. The check engine light came on and the dealer just told me it's $625 for an EGR module but all he would say is, "it's and electrical problem". What is the EGR module?
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On almost all newer vehicles, the engine in your car will take some of the exhaust gas and reburn it thru the engine. The way it does this is, a valve ( controls the flow of the exhaust gas to the engine), sensor (known as dpfe, measures the amount of exhaust gas into the engine), and vacuum regulator ( controls the valve.) On older vehicles you could buy the different components seperately, making it a little cheaper. On your vehicle they incorporate all the components into one module. The egr module ( exhaust gas recirculation module)
Basically the system works like this.
1. The main computer in the car (pcm) decides to burn some exhaust gas. It commands the egr vacuum solenoid to open. (This applies vacuum to the egr valve) 2. The vacuum is received by the egr valve and now begins to open. This allows exhaust gas to be burned by the motor. 3. The dpfe sensor measures the flow of gas into the motor and reports this back to the pcm. 4. The pcm commands the vacuum regulator to open or close the egr valve depending on the flow measured from the sensor. That is how the system works.
In your case most likely the sensor is reading wrong, that is the most common. Unfortunately you can't just replace the sensor on your vehicle, It is part of the EGR module.
Hopefully this information helps. If you need more please let me know. If you are happy with my answer, please click accept!
Thanks JuanS
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