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96 ford windstar: water pump..dosnt..the bolts and the wheel well

Customer Question

is there any secrets on replacing water pump on 96 ford windstar. it dosnt seem like it will clear the bolts and the wheel well.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Tim replied 8 years ago.

3.0 or 3.8 ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Expert:  Tim replied 8 years ago.















Section 03-01B: Engine, 3.8L

1996 Windstar Workshop Manual
IN-VEHICLE SERVICEProcedure revision date: 06/15/2000

Water Pump

DescriptionTool Number
Fuel Line Disconnect Tool SetT90T-9550-S


  1. Drain engine cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03.

  1. Loosen drive belt tensioner (6B209) and remove drive belt (8620). Refer to Section 03-05.

  1. Raise vehicle on hoist. Refer to Section 00-02.

  1. Disconnect lower radiator hose (8286) from radiator lower hose tube (8291) and radiator (8005).

  1. Disconnect radiator lower hose tube from water pump (8501).

  1. Remove lower nut on both front engine support insulators (6038).

  1. Lower vehicle.

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301). Refer to Section 14-01.

  1. Remove generator (GEN) (10346) from power steering pump support (3C511).

  1. Position drain pan and disconnect power steering pressure line from power steering pump (3A674) using Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set T90T-9550-S.

  1. Remove power steering reservoir filler cap.

  1. CAUTION: If using a prying device to assist in water pump removal, be careful not to damage the mating surfaces.

    Disconnect water bypass hose (8597) and oil cooler hose (6B850) from heater water outlet tube (18663).

  1. Remove retaining bolts and disconnect heater water outlet tube from water pump.

  1. Remove A/C bracket brace.

  1. Attach engine lifting eye to left-hand (front) exhaust manifold (9430).

  1. Attach lifting equipment to engine lifting eye and raise front of engine approximately 51 mm (2.0 inches) to provide necessary clearance for water pump removal.

  1. Remove water pump pulley retaining bolts and water pump pulley (8509).

  1. Remove drive belt tensioner pulley retaining bolt and drive belt tensioner pulley (6B217) from power steering pump support.

  1. Remove power steering pump support retaining bolts and nut. Place power steering pump and support assembly aside in a position to prevent fluid leakage.

  1. Remove water pump retaining bolts and nuts and water pump. Discard used water pump housing gasket (8507).


  1. NOTE: Lightly oil all bolt and stud bolt threads before installation except those specifying special sealant.



    Clean gasket surfaces on water pump and engine front cover (6019).

  1. NOTE: The threads of the No. 1 engine front cover retaining stud must be coated with Pipe Sealant with Teflon® D8AZ-19554-A or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSK-M2G350-A2 before installing.



    NOTE: Gasket and Trim Adhesive D7AZ-19B508-B or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESE-M2G52-A is recommended to hold the water pump housing gasket in position.



    Position a new water pump housing gasket on water pump housing sealing surface.

  1. Position water pump on the engine front cover. Install retaining bolts.

  1. Position power steering pump support and install retaining nuts and bolts. Tighten bolts and nuts to 40-55 Nm (30-40 lb-ft).

  1. Install drive belt tensioner pulley and retaining bolt. Tighten bolt to 70-95 Nm (52-70 lb-ft).

  1. Install A/C bracket brace.

  1. Position water pump pulley on water pump hub and install retaining bolts. Tighten bolts to 8.0-11.5 Nm (71-101 lb-in).

  1. Lower engine and disconnect lifting equipment from lifting eye.

  1. Remove lifting eye from exhaust manifold.

  1. Connect heater water outlet tube to water pump and install retaining bolts. Tighten bolts to 8-11.5 Nm (71-101 lb-in).

  1. Connect water bypass hose and oil cooler hose to heater water outlet tube. Tighten clamps securely.

  1. Connect power steering pressure line to power steering pump fitting.

  1. Install power steering reservoir filler cap.

  1. Install generator to power steering pump support. Refer to Section 14-02.

  1. Connect battery ground cable. Refer to Section 14-01.

  1. Raise vehicle on hoist. Refer to Section 00-02.

  1. Install lower nut on front engine support insulators and tighten retaining nut to 88-119 Nm (65-87 lb-ft). Install lower nut of rear engine support insulator and tighten to 77-104 Nm (56-76 lb-ft).

  1. Connect radiator lower hose tube to water pump. Install retaining bolt and tighten securely.

  1. Connect lower radiator hose to radiator lower hose tube and radiator. Position hose clamps securely. Refer to Section 03-03.

  1. Lower vehicle.

  1. Position drive belt over drive belt tensioner and release drive belt tensioner. Refer to Section 03-05.

  1. CAUTION: This engine has aluminum cylinder heads (6049) and requires a special corrosion inhibiting coolant to avoid cooling system damage. Refer to Section 03-03 for the coolant specifications.

    Fill and bleed cooling system with specified coolant.

  1. Fill power steering pump reservoir with specified fluid.

  1. Start engine and check for coolant and power steering fluid leaks. Service as necessary.

    Water Pump

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    1 - Front Cover and Oil Pump Assy
    2 N805112 Stud Bolt (2 Req'd)
    3 N605908 Bolt (3 Req'd)
    4 N804758 Nut (5 Req'd)
    5 8501 Water Pump Assy
    6 N808215 Bolt
    7 N804839 Bolt
    8 6010 Cylinder Block
    9 N804841 Socket Head Cap Bolt
    10 N805757 Stud (5 Req'd)
    11 8507 Water Pump Housing Gasket
    A - Tighten to 20-30 Nm (15-22 Lb-Ft)
    B - Tighten to 8-12 Nm (71-106 Lb-In)

Expert:  Tim replied 8 years ago.

The main thing is to just jack up the engine enough to get the clearance and if a bolt wont come all th eway out just leave it in and remove the bolt and pump together. Once you jack it up from the oil pan it really isnt that bad of a job.