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I have a 2000 ford expedition aand the battery keeps dying

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I have a 2000 ford expedition aand the battery keeps dying but now when i turn the truck off the heat comes on
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To help assist you better I need a little more information. When you say the heat comes on, do you mean the blower fan keeps operating when the truck is turned off?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


well yesterday my battery was dead i jumped started it and let it run for about a half hour then about four hours later i went to start it and it was dead again so i jumped it again then i was driving and my 4x4 light came on then that went off and my radio cut off so i went straight to auto zone to have them check it and when i cut off my truck the heat kept comeing on you could feel the air comeing out of the vents but when they checked it with the computer they said my battery and my alternator was testing fine so i came home and parked but this morning my battery was dead again. I hope you can help!

Thank youCustomerfor the extra information.

There is one thing that I can think of that could cause this issue, as long as the battery and alternator check out ok.The problem you are describing can be caused by the Gem module and fuse panel. The GEM module is located on the back of the interior fuse panel. Usually what happens is water will leak thru the seal around the driver side of the windshield and drip right on to the fuse panel/GEM module causing some damage, like keeping all kinds of things on. Most commonly the radio and the fan motor, even with the key out. This will drain your battery. You can check for this by grabbing a flash light and crawling underneath the dash, you look at the back side of the fuse panel. You should see dried water marks, or drops if your lucky. You can also pull the 2 connectors that are held in by 10 mm screws. Once you have them out, look inside where they connect on the fuse panel and you should see evidence of water. If you see evidence of water there, you'll want to replace both the GEM module and Fuse panel. Also fix the leak in the windshield so it doesn't happen again. If you need more info just ask, we can go back and forth on this page.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
how much does it usually cost to replace these things?
The parts are Ford specific so you'll have to get them thru a ford dealer. Unfortunately its not cheap. Ball park estimate is gonna be $500 maybe more with labor.
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