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Tim The Ford Tech
Tim The Ford Tech, Ford Technician
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1999 Crown Vic, turns over but wont start,has fuel to injectors,recent

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1999 Crown Vic, turns over but wont start,has fuel to injectors,recent new fuelpump,good plugs, recently just replaced the idle speed motor, good battery,clean fuel,car is a retired p71 with 100,000 miles,trouble started last night,failed to start,at work at 3 am,towed home, i am a half way mechanic,capable of doing my own work,engine is 4.6.thanks for any help.
Does it have anti theft? If so, does the theft light blink fast when you turn the key on? Have you pulled a check and checked spark?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no anti theft,former hwy.patrol car,check engine light has been on for sometime,car ran fine,except when you got on it,then would stumble,also would shut off when you slowed down for a turn,only sometimes not all the time,so infrequently that it was not a problem,replaced fuelpump,tank, fuelfilter 3 months ago,had crap in the tank when i bought it,finally bit the bullet and replaced it all myself,also has new fuel pressure regulator,good Bosch plugs ,checked mass air flow sensor,looks good,new air filter also. replaced 1 coil pack when i got the car,but that was over 1 year ago,also tailpipes look sooty from day 1,car does,nt appear to smoke,but a finger run around inside of tailpipes comes away sooty?i dont know how to check for spark on this engine,how would i do that?car has just turned over 100,000 miles, and has been a great car for over 15 months,any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated,this is our only car and i need to get it going.thanks Gerry

You can pull a coil out and have someone crank the car. Check for spark to an engine ground while cranking. If you don't have a spark tester you can use an old spark plug or plug a screwdriver plugged in the coil. Don't get shocked. If you have a scan tool, check for an RPM signal for me and check codes. If not, the spark test will do do for now. Also check to see if the check engine goes out while cranking. If you have no spark unplug and plug back in the crank shaft sensor and see if it will start. It is located by the a/c compressor. Wiggle around the wires going to the connector. Do that and let me know what you come up with.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will try it tomorrow,and see what i come up with,thanks for getting back to me,its 10,30 here in Fla.i will let you know how we do .thanks Gerry
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Tim,Gerry here,i tried as you suggested,pulled a coil and spark plug boot off , stuck a sparkplug on the boot ,and had my wife crank the engine over,the engine started, running on 7 cylinders,i shut it off,reconnected the coil and plug boot and it fired right up,i jacked the car up and found the connector to the crankshaft sensor and disconnected it and reconnected the connector,all the wires look fine,i can,t figure why the engine started,i,m not complaining but i am worried that it will happen again,the check engine light does not go out when we were cranking the engine(before it started) i took it down to the local auto store and they scanned it,they said it was running rich on both cylinder banks,they suggested changing both oxygen sensors,which i will,this car has always run rich,(sooty tailpipes) do you have anymore thoughts on this? thanks, XXXXX XXXXX has new fuel pressure regulator,clean fuel tank,new fuel pump with new fuel strainer (in tank)and new fuel filter,all these parts are less than4 months old.

Don't replace the oxygen sensors for rich codes. The codes mean you have a rich condition, not bad sensors. If you didn't reset the engine computer after doing all the fuel system repairs, do that and see if the light comes back on. Disconnect the battery cables a while to reset the computer. If you didn't have rich codes and just have a pair of lame O2 sensors, do replace them. Also check and make sure you have vacuum going to your fuel pressure regulator. Also make sure the fuel pressure is not running too high. Should be around 35 psi at idle. Need to check the engine coolant temp reading and throttle position reading. When its cold, temp should be around ambient, tp should read around 0.5 - 0.9V throttle closed.


I think your no start problem is caused by the crank sensor or wiring going to it. The cars symptoms sound just like this problem. I have a lot of intermittent no starts on these vehicles caused by this. Next time it won't start try wiggling and unplugging and plugging that connector. If it starts after that you ll know thats your problem. Sometimes just replacing the crank sensor will fix it, sometimes it also needs the connector.


If this helps you out please accept the answer. If you need more help with this just ask.


Thanks, Tim

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