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2000 ford explorer: valves..towed..white smoke..check engine light

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My wife called me because her 2000 ford explorer was losing oil pressure and the valves were knocking. I towed it home changed the oil and nothing is knocking but there is so much white smoke coming from the tail pipe you cant see the road behind you. When i cheanged the oil the oil pressure went back up but the check engine light is still flashing, not to mention the smoke. What is going on?
Hello and thanks for using just answer, when you changed the oil did you notice if the oil looked normal or was it like choclate milk or did you smell gas when you changed the oil?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi- I didnt notice anything different about the oil but she still had 400 more miles until her next scheduled oil change and there probably wasnt 2 quarts in it when I drained it. It is not leaking any oil under the car either.
if there wasnt but 2 quarts in the engine then its either leaking oil somewhere or has sludged due to lack of changing it regularly or overheating cooking the oil, or it is burning the oil in the cylindars , with the white smoke comming out of the tailpipe it could be a blown head gasket, leaking water into the cylindars, white smoke could also be an indication of a sticking injector that isdumping fuel into the cylindar and causing it to burn. is the truck running rough?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes very rough. Is there an additive to put into the oil to see if it is something like this?
no there is no additive to fix this, if its running rough it is more than likely a blown head gasket. check the coolant to see if it has oil in it possibly, also if you can borrow a scanner to find out what the codes are for the check engine light it will help in guiding you in the right direction. If i can further assist you lemme know. I will be away for for lunch for a little bit but when i get back i will check back to see what you have found so far.
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