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What are the pros and cons of the EGR delete kits out there?

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What are the pro's and con's of the EGR delete kits out there?

The pro's are better power and smoother engine operation.

The con's are less fuel economy and the car will not pass emissions testing.

Also if the system is more modern, the check engine light will come on.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a 06 f 350 with the 6.0 power stroke. I have a camper and pull a trailer, is there any benifits from any of these delete kits?

On that engine, no. The EGR system on diesels actually adds power and makes the engine run a little quieter.

The guys that are removing the EGR system, are running their engines really hard, almost to the point of treating them like a race engine. They are running reprogrammers, high boost, and in some cases propane injection.


The EGR system on the 6.0 is a bit of a problem child though as Ford is having problems with its realibility. We have had cooling system problems and plugging up turbo actuator problems.

But if you install one of those kits, Ford will not warranty anything on the engine.


Just for giggles, I just went to one of the EGR delete kits producers web site. This was taken from their statement and is pretty key to your truck.


With the EGR delete you will on 05 and up trucks you will get a CEL (check engine light) that may be turned off with a SCT tuner.* Certain strategy codes may still get a CEL even with SCT tuning.

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