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Car stalls on deceleration - 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Has been

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Car stalls on deceleration - 2000 Ford Focus ZX3. Has been happening for about a month. Replaced plugs/wires and fuel filter. Stall mostly occurs after freeway driving, or speeds above 40mph for longer than 10min. No rough idle, no CEL, and no trouble starting, either cold start or after a stall. Ideas on what could be the problem, whether it can be a DIY or should be fixed by a mechanic, and potential costs for repairs?
Hello, Jason here to help. Even though the CEL isnt on, it may have a pending code stored that can be helpful. A common problem I see on these cars is the PCV hose splitting, Usually make a loud whistle on start up and idle. Will cause erratic idle, and stalling after a cruise. Another issue that will cause stalling is a dirty throttle body or Idle Air Control motor. A scantool is the best way to nail the problem. At Idle, If the scantool is showing "Short Term Fuel Trims" over 8% then look for the Vacuum leak, from PCV or other item connected to Intake manifold. A parts store may scan the car for you for free, but be warned, they sell parts and I dont reccomend buying anything unless certain thats the problem. Hope this is helpful, Jason
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The idle feels normal and I haven't heard any whistling. The car just stops, totally dies w/o sputtering or anything, at deceleration. Will a dirty throttle body or idle air control motor cause a rough idle as well? I've also been doing a little googling on the issue while waiting for your reply, and some suggestions discuss the EGR valve. Does that have any correlary here?
The throttle body and idle air motor usually wont cause a rough idle, but can cause stalling on a deceleration after a cruise. The computer gets used to a setting and when coming to a stop, the idle air motor sometimes wont respond quickly enough to keep running. The throttle body is similar, the air gap when closed can get gummed up and restrict air flow causing a stall. The Egr failures in these cars is usually just a code setting issue, not drivability in my experience. The DPFE sensors in ALL fords have issues. The replacement DPFE sensors are much better than origional. Like I said before, a Scantool can provide the best way to fix the vehicle if NO vacuum leaks are present(PCV,or intake piping)and no codes are present. The data alone on a scantool can provide the information needed.... Jason
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