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Steve S
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Ford: Diesel F250 and it..oil leak..air filter..aftermarket

Customer Question

I have a Ford 2006 Diesel F250 and it has been leaking oil for two years now and Ford has made 4 attempts to fix this oil leak and has been unsuccessful in doing so. When I took it back in yesterday they said because I have an airaid K&N air filter installed on my truck which they said would not cause any issues with my warranty they now say they cancelled my 5 years warranty and need to install a new engine for $17,000 dollars due to this aftermarket filter. They also said it has a blown head gasket but the truck runs fine.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Steve S replied 8 years ago.

Hi there Thomas. The actual headgaskets do not leak oil that much. There is no hi pressure oil in that area. Most of the time it is the rocker arm gaskets that are leaking, though the head does need to be removed to replace these gaskets. I think that the dealer is being hard on you because they cannot fix the leak in 4 attempts. You would not need a whole engine just because the headgaskets are needed. It is a big job but can definetly be done without replacing the whole thing that is outrageous. I guess that if they want to be real hard and technical then they could void the warranty. But what I have seen happen is if the customer actually calls Ford Cust Service then Ford will clear this up if they cann help you. That is what I suggest. Good Luck and Thank you Steve

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Steve thanks for the info, but I knew this. What I would like to discuss is that the Ford 6.0 engine was there dog of an engine in respects to oil leake and turbo problems so they just did away with this eng because it was costing them a fortune to keep up with the warranty work. Does the 2006 6.0 have a history of oil leaks? Do you know where I can find this info?


Expert:  Steve S replied 8 years ago.
Hi yes it did have many many problems with headgaskets EGR turbos oil leaks etc. I do not know where to find info other then searching the web like I assume you have. The Ford site that I have access to is employees only. Steve