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1999 Windstar: Trouble with power windows..Driver side window

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Trouble with power windows on 1999 Windstar. 1. Passenger side window will only operate from driver side, but will interupt if passenger side switch is depressed while going up/down from driver side. 2. Driver side window wil not operate. Motor replaced approx 12 months ago. I can here a relay(?) clicking under the dash when the switch is depressed but no sound from motor or movement in window.

Hi there


OK - for the drivers side ,,it sounds like its a motor again , so whats the back ground on the motor replacement ,, ware did you have it done ,,,it should have come with an up dated window regulator too ,,,due to the regulator was takeing out the motors ----but lets do a simple test to see if it is the motor


get in the van and turn the key to the run position , ( the position right before crank ) do not start it

turn on the headlamps and turn on the blower motor on high ,,this is to put a load on the battery

now leave the driver door open a little so the dome lamp stays on

now operate the drivers power window in the direction it will not go ,,,and at the same time look at the dome lamp ,,if you see the dome lamp dim every time you operate the window , then the motor is bad



ok ,,,now for the passenger side ,,, its going to be a power window switch ,,,we will need a test lamp or a volt meter to test this ,, but get familiar with the feel of the power window switches in your van that do work ,,,they will make a serton noise and have a serton spring tension to them ,,, compare the ones that work to the one that does not ,,the R/F power window switch and the L/F power window switch for the R/F ,,,do they feel and sounds the same


if you do not see a difference in them ,,then do you have a test lamp or a volt meter to find out which window switch is bad


we can go back and forth on this page



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the reply. The motor was replaced while I was deployed, so I don't have a lot of info. We have moved since then, so I can't take it back to the repair shop...not a dealership or chain.

Driver side: I did as you said. When I depress the switch the light dims for less than 1 second. Then a relay(?) clicks under the dash and the light returns to full brightness even if I continue to hold down the switch.

Passenger side: Power swith feels the same as other switches. I disassembled the switch yesterday and all of the contacts appeard in good condition...I did note that while inspecting the switch the window did respond momentarily, but I could not reproduce.


ok --so it looks like you need a new drivers power window motor , but i would suggest you get one at a Ford dealer ,,due to its up dated and comes with a new regulator ,, this way you will not be putting a new motor in it every 12 months


as for the passenger side window , so --do you have a test lamp or a volt meter to do some testing with me ??









Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a voltmeter that I can use to test the passenger side.

OK ---warm that thing up and gain access to the right side power window switch ,,,


turn the key on

unplug the passenger side power window switch ,,,and do these tests on the conector of the switch

set your volt meter on dc volts

put the red lead on the LIGHT BLUE / BLACK wire

and put the black lead of your tester on the WHITE / YELLOW wire ---you should get about 12 volts

then leave the red lead of your tester in place and move the black lead to the TAN / LIGHT BLUE wire ---and you should also get about 12 volts



this will test the drivers power window switch to the passenger switch ,,,


tell me what you find



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Okay...all tested 12v.

wow- you work fast ----this tells us that the drivers power window switch is ok and the wireing from the drivers power window switch to the passenger power window switch is also ok, -----so you need a need a new passenger power window switch ---



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the quick reply. I went through this routine yesterday, but checked again tonight to make sure.

Do you have a how-to on the driverside motor/regulator replacement?

What should I expect to pay for the motor/regulator and for the switch?

Also, any chance the one-touch-down function could be the culprit on the drivers side?


On the drivers side power window ,,, the click you are hearing is the one touch shunt clicking ,,, and since you see the dome lamp dim , this means power is getting to the motor and causing a load on the system but the motor will not move ,,,so if there was a problem with the one touch system you would not see the dome lamp dim ,,there would not be a load ,,,and on top of that I see this all the time at wrok ---I work at a Ford dealer in AZ


it is late and I can not keep my eyes open any more ,, so if its ok, I will get you a price on the power window regulator and the switch in the morning when I get to work,,,,and also provide you a step by step info on how to replace the power window regualtor



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Same here. I'm headed to bed, too. Thanks for your help tonight. I look forward to chatting tomorrow.


OK , sounds good



ok - the left front power window regulator / motor assembly is $119

the r/f power window switch is $32


ok -first to remove the left front door panel


use a flat bladed screw driver and pop off the power window switch bezel and then unplug the switches





then pop off the bezel around the inside door handle and the upper triangle molding





then remove the screws from the door panel ,,,see arrows




then lift the door panel UP and off


then you have to get the power window glass down so you can take out its rivets , so you have to drill out the dimples in the door skin to access the power window motor bolts,, but since you said the motor was already replaced ,,they are probly drilled out for you ,,remove the three bolts for the motor and then lower then glass down so you can access the two rivets that hold the glass to the power window regulator ,,






then you must put the power window motor back into place the hold the regulator in place ,,, if you do not do this it may spring up and you could get hurt ,,,so put the motor back on to the window regulator


then you have to drill out the two rivets that hold the glass to the regulator ,, first use a Phelps screw driver and a hammer to punch out the center of the two rivets ,,then use a 1/4 drill bit to drill both rivets out ,,,then move the glass all the way up and use three strips of painters tape to hold the glass all the way up -- now you can remove the regulator ,,,


remove the two slide rail bolts , and the other rivets to the regulator , un plug the motor




when you install the new regulator , the rear inner stud on the new regulator may not not fit properly ,, use a dike and cut the door skin a little to make the stud fit ,, use regualtor 1/4 aluminum rivits to secure the window regulator ---BUt when you rivit the glass to the regulaotr use LONG 1/4 rivits to secure it , also make sure that the glass still has its inner and outter whire plastic bushing are in place before you rivit the glass in



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Wow. Thanks. I will get the parts and attempt to install Thursday. Can I leave you on the hook until case I run into a problem or need advice?

YES--thats ok --- do you have a rivit gun to do this job ???
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No rivet gun, but I can get one if necessary. Can I use nuts, bolts, and lockwashers...maybe a little loctite?

Its best to do it right ,,mostly on the rivets that go through the glass --remember they are longer then the ones you will use to secure the regulator to the door skin ,,,when you get the parts at the ford dealer tell them to also get you two long 1/4 rivets and 5 short 1/4 rivets


also your local auto parts store do rent tools , like rivet guns


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Agree on doing it right. Plus I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to buy a new tool!




well- talk to you later ,,,good luck



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Chris -

Thanks for all of your help. The parts were going to take a couple of days so I took a look at the switch and the motor/regulator this afternoon.

I dissassembled the switch and cleaned the works well now.

I also took a peek at the motor. I gave the motor a tap and wiggled the regulator to check for binding. It also now and strong.

I know these are probably temporary solutions, but they will hopefully get me through the holidays.

Your troubleshooting and instructions were perfect and I really appreciate your help.

Ok - sounds good , look like you saved some money for now



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