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I have a 93 f150 4x4 with a E40d transmission. It wont shift

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I have a 93 f150 4x4 with a E40d transmission. It wont shift thrue the gears,it starts out in third gear when you put it in drive. When you manually put it in first it still doesnt go into first gear it starts out in second.I took it to a transmission shop thanking that i burt it up. They told me they did not think there was anything wrong with it.They think it somthing electrical. When i put it in reverse the backup lites wont come on either.I was told it could be my shift position sensor.


It could absolutely be the manual lever position sensor (neutral safety switch). It is mounted on the drivers side of the transmission. The sensor is pretty easy to install. Some of the older ones require that a new connector be installed with the new sensor. I don't remember which ones. If the connector is different, that would be why. From

Ford the new sensors come with the connector of required most times. To replace the sensor, put the transmission in neutral, unbolt the sensor and pull it straight off. When installing the new sensor there is a line on the sensor when in neutral. Keep the line aligned when bolting it on. (the line is split on the stationary part and the part that rotates). Install a new connector if required and you are good to go. If you had a scan tool you could make sure this sensor was bad before replacing. There could be another issue, but without a scanner to test it with we won't know. The MLP is a good place to start though, it is a common failure. I hope this helps, if so please accept this answer. If you need more assistance, just reply back and I will be glad to help you.




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