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My defrost in my 2006 F150 does not work. When the dial is

Customer Question

My defrost in my 2006 F150 does not work. When the dial is set to defrost all I get is air out of the vents on the dash.

Optional Information:
2006 Ford F150 5.4
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  chris replied 8 years ago.

hi there


Take a good look at the that motor you replaced and the stuff it moves ,,this rings a bell in my head of a arm that this motor controls comes off its slide pivot and it just has to be moved back into place ,,look just above the motor, I think I ran into two or three of these and you just reach your hand up there by that motor and there is a plastic arm with a slide hole in it and a pin is suppose to go through it ,, lift the arm up and put it back on its pin so it can move the door now ----use a bright flash light to look is this area ,,,if all the arms seam to be in place then do you have a volt meter to do some testing on the wireing from the switch to the motor


we can go back and forth on this page



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX an arm that has one end going into the large vent area . The other end has a pin that fits into the cam that the motor rotates. I can move the arm about 45 degrees with my hand. However, the air continous to come out the vent when I move it back and forth. Do you know why when I put on floor or deforst positions, the motor and cam do not move?



Expert:  chris replied 8 years ago.

ok --it looks like all the arms are in place ,, so the next step is to test the wires from the motor to the switch ,,,you have replaced the motor ,, so the only two things is could be is a switch or an open in the wireing ,,,but you will need a volt meter to test the continuity of the wires




do you have a volt meter to test the wireing ??



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thus, either the switch for panel mode operation is bad or the wires are broken or open. Does it make sense that only the vent mode wire is not open/broken? Where floor and defrost wires are open or broken.


I do not have a volt meter. Does it make sense then to replace the switch control first or the wires?


I see you answered the same question back in May 15th, 2008. What was the problem that time?

Expert:  chris replied 8 years ago.

I can not go back that far to look up that question ---if you do not have a volt meter I would replace the switch ,,if you need some info on this ,,,just ask ,,,the wires do not have to be replace if there is an open ,, they just have to be repaired . first you have to find which one has the open ,, there are five wires for the motor ,, each wire has a purpus for a mode and if one wire is cut then the other modes may still work



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ok that will give me some thing to check tomorrow. It is late, thanks for your time.

I will accept answer an ddo more checking tomorrow. Have a good thanksgiven day.

Expert:  chris replied 8 years ago.

We can talk tomorrow if you want to,, just drop me a line on this page


Thanks ,,Chris