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I have a 2006 Ford Taurus. The airbag light flashes the following

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I have a 2006 Ford Taurus. The airbag light flashes the following sequence: One (1) flash.. Pause.. Then eight (8) continous flashes. The cycle continues 3 to 4 times then the airbag light stays lit solid until the next time I restart the car. This mess started shortly after I had a new after-market stereo professionally installed in the car. Would there be a connection?

This is a LFC 18 code below is some information about the problem and possible causes, there is a very extensive test for this code and several special tool will be needed to accomplish these tests. I would recommend taking this to a trained professional to have this looked at.


Pinpoint Test D: LFC I8 PAD Warning Lamp Circuit Failure
CAUTION: The passenger air bag deactivation (PAD) indicator is part of integrated control panel (ICP) assembly and cannot be separately serviced. Installation of an incorrect ICP may cause a fault in the supplemental restraint system and illuminate the air bag warning indicator in the instrument cluster.
Normal Operation
- -
When the ignition is in the on position, the PAD indicator prove-out period is initiated by the restraints control module (RCM). The RCM briefly activates the PAD indicator to verify to the occupants correct functional operation of the PAD indicator.
If the RCM detects an open or short to ground on the PAD indicator circuit, it will store diagnostic trouble code (DTC) B 1884 in memory and flash lamp fault code (LFC) 18 (or higher priority code if one exists) on the air bag indicator.

Possible Causes -
A PAD indicator circuit open can be caused by:

  • wiring, terminals or connectors.
  • incorrect integrated control panel (ICP) (not equipped with PAD indicator).
  • a faulted PAD indicator.
  • a faulted RCM.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Fortunately the car is still under warranty.. Could this have been caused by the installationof the after-market stereo? I didn;t notice ot immediately as I was focused on the new radio.. It wasn't until after it got dark that the Air Bag light became painfully obvious..
It is possible that who ever installed the radio did something to one of the air bag wires or possibly routed the radio wires to close to the air bag wires causing this problem.
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