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Ford Escort 1997 Hydraulic Clutch. I cannot find the reservoir.

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Ford Escort 1997 Hydraulic Clutch. I cannot find the reservoir. Do you disconnect the Hydraulic line at the fire wall at the piston and fill through the master cylinder bleed port
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

1997 Ford Escort 4-cyl -Stich sh

Already Tried:
Renmoved Battery. Located Hyraulic actuator at firewall. traced line to the Actuater at the clutch housing. I see the bleed screw on the actuator. Is this car so cheap it does not have a Hydraulic reservoir. Soo big Question is how do you refill and bleed the system.. Do you disconnect at fire wall and fill through bleed screw until it flows out at actuator. Bleeding will be tough to finally get all of the air out of system



The clutch master cylinder is tapped into the brake master cylinder,,,they both use the same fluid type. "Dot 3" fluid. Open the brake master cylinder and fill to the proper level.

Then bleed it at the slave cylinder (actuator)




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The sketch is great . Who ever worked on this car before has removed the supply line from the brake /clutch reservoir. I could not feel the supply port on the clutch master cylinder. Don't know if Ford was Cheap with design Or smart, but it must be there


Another mystory' At the clutch assy where the attuator is the rubber boot and Actuator pin appears to be new, I found the old one laying on the ground under the clutch area. Does the actuator need to be removed to allow the installation of this rubber boot and actuator pin



Yes it will just need to be unbolted, then you should be able to slip the boot over the pin.

And bolt it back on...

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