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2002 ford taurus: coolant is antifreeze leaking..reservior

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2002 ford taurus coolant leak.........I can see dripping from below coming off of the bottom belt drive under the car. Can't see where the leak is from above. I know it is antifreeze leaking and I have had to fill my reservior several times. Any idea where it is leaking from?
It sounds like the water pump, thats where you would see coolant if it were leaking.You will have to find a way to get a look at it from under the vehicle.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

If the water pump was leaking, would it cause the engine to overheat? My temperature gauge is in the normal range. And the water pump is located? Is there a way to make sure it is bad and that it isn't a hose or anything else? Thank you.

It would not overheat until it got low enough on coolant that the system could no longer cool the engine.The water pump is just an educated guess by what you described.Without being able to see the vehicle it is next to impossible to tell you what is leaking.The vehicle needs to be inspected from underneath.It could be a hose or timing cover gasket or intake gasket for that matter,it is not possible to be conclusive without seeing the vehicle.I think if you ran the car by autozone or pepboys they might tell you what is leaking for no charge if it is obvious.Just make sure to ask them first as one shop is different from the next in their policy for diagnostic charges.
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