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96 explorer: crank..check wont start

Resolved Question:

96 explorer won't start sometimes. will crank but not start.can always tell when this is going to happen when you turn the key to on position the check engine does not come on and it won't start. after sitting a while it will start. runs great but just won't start sometime. cuold this be antitheft? could it be bypassed?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Steve replied 8 years ago.
If the check engine light is not coming on when the problem occurs, this is not any kind of antitheft problem; it is more likely that the powertrain control module is not receiving power when this happens
This could be the result of a faulty ignition switch, or a faulty PCM power relay in the underhood fuse box
Diagnosing an intermittent fault of this type can be challenging, as you must be able to duplicate the problem at the exact moment when youa re testing the circuits involved to see where power is being lost
If you would like to try an experiment, try replacing the PCM power relay
They are very inexpensive and easy to change
In the power distribution box (underhood fuse box) it is the one directly below the fuel pump relay
Usually there is a map of the fuse and relay locations on the inside of the box cover.
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