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My car security alarm system has locked me out. The alarm icon

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My car security alarm system has locked me out. The alarm icon keeps flashing everytime I put the key in the ignition. I tried unlocking and locking the doors. What can I do to reset the alarm?
This system that keeps activating is the PATS system. These keys are programmed to the vehicle,so you need to try another key.Before you try the new key,let the system sit for ten minutes to clear the memory. If this works,you need to have the non-functioning key checked and possibly reprogrammed.If not,you will need to have this serviced by your local dealer. The PATS software is proprietary and usually only Ford service centers have that information.Good Luck,if you need any more information,drop me a line,Chuck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ive tried another key and it does the same thing. The lights flicker and the car and lock icon flashes on the dash board. Is there some type of code I can put in to reset the alarm?

No,for some reason the theft system is not seeing the keys. There is a transceiver ring

around the ignition cylinder that acts like the antenna and it has a harness that runs along the bottom of the steering column.At the base of the column is a connector for the harness to plug into the dash harness.Sometimes the wires break off at the connector when the tilt steering is moved up and down.Other than that,there is not anything else you can do at home.The IDS laptop or the PDA will need to be used to go further.Sorry I don't have a better answer for you than this. The system you are working with is a tough one to figure out. Good luck,Chuck

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do you think Security Locksmiths that are experts in automobile security can unlock my system or be of some type of help or should I just wait and take it to the dealer. It's sunday and the dealership is closed until monday. I need my car before then so should I take the risk? Thank you for all your help.

You can call and ask them, but they are usually sending the cars to us. When I get them

it is usually a key program or a PATS diagnosis.Like I said,it doesn't hurt to call and ask.If you don't find a locksmith that wants to attempt this,have the car towed in today if you can. Then go down and fill out an early bird drop off form. This will get you in the front of the Monday morning line. It may help you get the car back faster.I'll be on line most of the day,so if you find someone to look at it and need some input,drop me a line.

Good Luck,Chuck

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