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2001 ford windstar: the heater is not working correctly..vacuum

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I have a 2001 ford windstar and the heater is not working correctly. The switch that changes were the air is directed dose not work. This switch looks to be a vacuum distribution system. I found the vacuum module that opens the valve inside the heater box and when I turn the switch nothing happens, I took the vacuum line off the module and put my finger over the port while turning the switch I didn't feel any vacuum. I believe there is no vacuum to the system. what could be wrong and how can I trouble shoot and fix?

HI there


These units are known to have the vacuum hose for the a/c system fall of or have holes in it under the hood ---- open the hood --- on the center back of engine there is a RED vacuum hose that comes off the engine and then heads towards the fire wall ,,,in the center of the fire wall,,, this hose goes to a check valve and a vacuum tank and then into the car for the a/c ---- you cant even see it due to its so far back there ,,,but use your hand and follow the hose back and see if it fell off the vacuum tank ,,, if thats ok then take the hose off the vacuum tank and remove the hose form the check valve so you can pull the hose out and you can look at it , check the hose for cracks and or leaks ,,,




again this check valve and tank is located under the hood ,, dead center ,,, all the way back , toward the rear of the van




tell me what you find we can go back and forth on this page



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