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1995 Escort, battery light stays on, but alternater seems to

Customer Question

1995 Escort, battery light stays on, but alternater seems to be charging & battery is staying charged, but lights flicker when driving down the road. Windshield wipers seem to be slow,but not all the time. Was told by a shop that it may be a wiring problem near the left front shock tower, but can't seem to find any problems there. Temp gauge seems to be flucuating when engine is warm.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  AJ replied 9 years ago.
Hi how are you.Does the lights flicker when the car is just at idle also or only when driving.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
just when driving.
Expert:  AJ replied 9 years ago.
You may have a over charging issue or some type of voltage regulator issue that when the rpms increase, or some sort of malfunction in the alternator.I would say check battery voltage when driving and concern is present.Voltage should not go over 14.5 volts or go under 12.5 volts if it does you may have a bad alternator.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I took the first alternator with me to junk yard & had it checked they said it was charging. I put a used junk yard alternator on it anyway & the symptons was still the same but today I was checking the voltage with it running & had lights , wipers & everything on & volt meter was reading 15 volts right at the battery with everything turned on. Could both alternators possibly be bad? Does it sound like it could possibly be over charging since I had everything on & still reads 15 volts at the battery? What would be causing it to overcharge if that is what it is doing?
Expert:  AJ replied 9 years ago.
HI how are you.What engine is in your car?You want to check battery voltage with everything off and car running at 2200 rpms.If battery voltage is 15 volts or below it should not be over charging usually it is about 14.5 volts but sometimes you will see 15volts.But if you are seeing 16-18 volts it is overchargeing.So do that test and let me know the voltage reading you are getting.