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2000 F350: the front caliper and bled the brakes..engine running

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2000 F350 4x4 diesel dually. I changed the front caliper and bled the brakes all around. Still spongy so I bled them with the engine running so my wifes leg wouldn't get so tired and it got worse. test drove it on a gravel road to see what brakes were working and it stopped hard and the abs worked on all four tires. When you stab the pedal it gos down fast then pushes back hard. Don't know how to bleed ABS. any answers
In most cases the ABS will not bleed out however it can happen but before we go down that road lets look at some other possibilities. When you bleed the brakes especially the rear do you get a nice strong stream of fluid that seems like it has lots of pressure behind it or does just kinda come out. If you don't have good pressure at the wheels then you will need to bleed the master cylinder then re-bleed all the rest of the brakes. To bleed the master cylinder pump the pedal up and then crack teh lines on the master cylinder just enough to let the fluid/air out, its kind of hard to tell if the air is all gone even to an experienced technician so you may have to do this a few times, if you notice an improvement. If you have god pressure to the front but not the back then the proportioning valve which is inside the ABS module is probably off center and has to be reset. The old way of doing this was to open the bleeders where the fluid had very little pressure and stomp on the brake pedal then close the bleeder screws before releasing the brake pedal. ( works best with 2 people of course ) This sometimes has to be repeated several times. Once pressure is achieved continue to bleed in the normal fashion until the air is gone. To bleed the ABS it has to be done with a scan tool, some after-market scan tools can do this procedure but not all but your local dealership can do it in ford lingo its called an ABS service bleed. Hope the info helps.
One more thing, you do not need the have the engine running to bleed the brakes but you should have the key in the on position.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hey thanks Rob, I'm not sure that the're fixed but the're going let me make it to a dealer. The pedal still goes all the way to the floor but my friend with the scan tool said new GM's do that, he just hadn't ever done a ford. He bled the ABS and it does seem to stop well. Do you think I just never noticed the pedal being able to go to the floor before? Anyway, you where spot on with your first reply so thanks again. Some times I really miss my 66 F100.