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98 Lincoln Town Car: engine cranks..The fuel pressure is 40 PSI..drops

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98 Lincoln Town Car won't start, but the engine cranks. The fuel pressure is 40 PSI when the ignition is on and when the engine cranks, but with the ignition off the fuel pressure immediately drops to zero. The Anti-Theft light (PATS) blinks about every two seconds with ignition off. With the ignition on, the PATS light blinks very fast for about 1 minute, then blinks code 16 about 10 times, then goes out. An OBD-II code reader cannot establish a link with the PCM. The car was running normally when I last shut the engine off, but I replaced the brake light switch right after I shut it down. I did solder a new connector to the switch end, and I tugged the brake switch wires a little. The brake fuse was also blown. The brake lights now work.. I only have two keys, and neither works. The horn and cruise control have not worked for over a year. There is no aftermarket alarm on the car. The TPS reads 5 volts. Car won't start with starter fluid either, so there must be no spark.

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  • When you try to start the car, Is the theft light blinking fast?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've tried starting it with the fast blinking, with code 16 blinking, and when the light is off after code 16 stops blinking. I also tried immediately starting before fast blinking had a chance to start.

OK, This would mean the vehicle is in theft mode. There is only one thing you can try and it may or may not work. Here you go: (Make sure keys are not on same key chain)


  • Take first key, Turn to the on position, Not start, and let sit for 3 seconds. Turn off and remove key
  • Take second key, Turn to the one position, and let sit for 3 seconds, Turn off and remove key
  • Wait 10 seconds, and then try starting car
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Didn't work. I'm concerned that the Code Reader could not link to the PCM. I expected to see a code 1260. Is it normal to be unable to link? My thinking is either that the PCM needs to be re-programmed to the keys or the PCM is bad, but I'm not sure about anything anymore. I still have the code reader available if needed.
Sounds like the car id in theft mode and the keys need to be reprogramed. The only way to now program the keys is with a Ford Scan tool
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
In theft mode:
Is it normal for the code scanner to be unable to link to the PCM?
Is it normal for the fuel pressure to drop to zero immediately after turning the ignition off?
Could the wires between the PCM and the PATS module have become disconnected?

It is not normal for the code reader to not be able to read the PCM, But it will not allow you to not start the car, It will just give you no communication.


The fuel pressre will drop to zero with key off.


The wires between the PATS Module and the PCM should not have come disconnected and if they did, This may be your cause of the vehicle in theft mode.


Another way to see if vehicle is in theft mode, If you have no spark while cranking, Then the vehicle is most likely again, In theft mode. PATS shuts off spark

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If I understand correctly, you do not believe that the PCM could be bad or that I need to check anything else. You believe that being unable to Link to the PCM with a code reader is because it is in theft mode. You thnik that the next step is to program the keys.

The code reader not being able to scan with the car should have nothing to do with the car starting like I said before, It was a little confusing. Eventhough it is possible but is a not usual and not usual that the PCM needs reprograming. Usually when you cannot communicate, It is just a blown fuse for the cig.lighter/dlc connector.


When the theft light blinks fast when trying to start the car, Which is what you are saying to me, The car is in theft mode. I do strongly believe the next step is to program the keys. If the PCM was bad, the light would be steady when trying to start which indicates the PATS system is working correctly.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There is a fuse I can check? Which one- I didn't pull every fuse, just those that seemed related to the PCM. I will go check the cig.lighter fuse right now.
It is fuse 23 (20amp) in the passanger compartment fuse box.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I checked Fuse 23 (15 amp) on the left fender. It's good. I guess I'll go get the keys programmed. Thanks for your help.

It is fuse 23 on the inside of the car, That is the battery Junction Block, You want the central junction block in the drivers side kick panel