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Yesterday my Ford Escape XLS started shaking...the entire car!

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Yesterday my Ford Escape XLS started shaking...the entire car! The engine light came on also. What could be the problem? Will this be expensive? Oh, I just finished paying off the truck! Its a 2003. I bought it new.

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Sounds like you could have a misfire in the engine which is the most common and logical explaination. It also could be something other than a misfire. What you will need to do since you said the check engine light is on, is have the code read by a scan tool. Any local parts store should be able to scan your car for free and let you know what the code is.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Thank you. I have no idea what a "misfire in the engine" means. I also have no idea as to where I get a "code" from to get scanned. Do you think taking it to Firestone (approx. 4 miles away) is a good idea? Will this cost me an arm and a leg? Recently got laid off and money is TIGHT!


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You can take the vehicle to any local parts store. They should be abel to come out and check for codes in the vehicle for Free, But they cannot fix the car for you. If you want to take to firestone, They will charge you just to check the code. It is up to you, But in my opinion I think you should go to firestone.


A misfire is when the vehicle is not running on all cylinders. Your 3.0L Engine hase 6 cylinders. You may be running on only 5 or maybe 4 causing the vibration

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