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1997 f-250: wiring diagram..factory to after market stereo

Resolved Question:

Looking for 1997 f-250 speaker wiring diagram from factory to after market stereo
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
Depending on the system that the truck come with, it either had just a regulator stereo system or the premium sound, here are the factory wire diagrams.graphicgraphic
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Factory plugs to after market wiring
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
Scott, there is no way I can tell you what hooks up to the aftermarket wiring, thats why I gave you the wiring diagrams for the factory setup, the circuit numbers and the wire colors are there, you have to follow the aftermarket stereo wiring diagram for their set up.Here are the Ford connectors, hope this helps.graphicgraphic
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My factory speaker plug isnt a flat connector, My power one looks like the above but the other connector is small box looking? and black
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
then the truck has a premium sound system, here are the connectors for that system.graphicgraphic
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thats the right one, I can probably get it now, Just have to figure out what the LF AMP return and RR Amp return is. Ive done stereos years aga and it was simple + and -
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
The amp returns are the speaker grounds from the amp, are you going to use the factory amp?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No im not, All Im trying to do is figure out what wires my aftermarket stereo wires which are basically green and gr/wht, brown and br/wht,grey and gr/wht and blue and bl/wht. the solids are the speaker pos and the stripes are speaker ground..Just not sure what pin the pos and negs go to. Sorry for being such a pain.
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
Trust me your not a pain, thats why we are here,well see the connector from the factory radio runs to the amp and then out to the speakers, what you need to do is go to the amp and wire the speakers from that connector and not the one from the radio, use the radio power and grounds from the flat connector and leave the square connector alone, then go to the amp and it also has a flat connector for the speakers and wire the speakers from there, and just take the factory amp out of the system, that would be the best way. here is the diagram at the amp for the speaker outs, and where the amp is located.graphic

Radio Amplifier
Location of the amplifier is behind the radio, mounted to a bracket on the instrument panel.



  1. Disconnect radio amplifier wire harness.
  2. Remove two radio amplifier retaining screws.
  3. Slide amplifier slightly away from instrument panel bracket (to disengage the upper tab to instrument panel bracket) and then down to remove.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks got it now, I see the Amp,The amp has a small square plug into it and the flat one, So I just unplug the flat one and tie the aftermarket into those wires..
Expert:  lostrider replied 8 years ago.
You got it now, dont forget to accept the answer and thank you.
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