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1992 Ford: you time the injector pump to the engine

Resolved Question:

We have a 1992 Ford 6.6 6cylinder truck.   How do you time the injector pump to the engine?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Brian replied 9 years ago.
Pump On Engine (Check Timing)

1. Rotate engine clockwise. Set engine at correct static timing angle with No. 1 piston on the compression stroke. Fit Timing Lock Pin T87T-6379-A through the timing bracket into the correct crankshaft damper groove (Figure 12).
Figure 12: Fitting Timing Pin Into Crankshaft Damper

Figure 13: Tach Sensor or Plug Location

The proper timing angle on the compression stroke of No. 1 cylinder is indicated by removing No. 1 injector and feeling for compression while turning engine in the direction of rotation. When compression is felt, continue turning engine until the alignment pin drops into the appropriate groove in the crankshaft damper cover. This indicates that the engine crankshaft is at the correct static timing angle with No. 1 piston on the compression stroke. Always approach the lock pin groove while turning the engine clockwise to ensure that gear backlash will not affect timing.

When unable to access front damper mounting bolt to rotate engine, remove plug or tach sensor at top of flywheel housing to rotate flywheel ring gear with large screwdriver (Figure 13).

Do not, under any circumstances, loosen or remove the timing bracket.

2. Remove the injection pump gear access cover and gasket.

3. Insert the Pump Timing Lock Pin T91T-9000-A through the gear plate, gear, hub and into the inner timing plate hole (Figure 14). The timing pin shoulder should seat against the gear plate face when the pin is properly and fully seated in the timing plate hole. This verifies proper engine timing. If the lock pin is not fully seated the timing will be incorrect.

Do not turn crankshaft with timing lock pins in place.

Figure 14: Lock Pin in Adapter Plate Installation

Figure 15: Injection Pump Gear Hub Adjusting Screws

To properly adjust timing, be sure the damper timing pin is installed in the proper location with the No. 1 piston on the compression stroke (Figure 12).

4. To correct the timing, loosen the four bolts on the injection pump gear plate (Figure 15). Rotate the pump shaft with a socket on the hub retaining nut until the pump timing lock pin can be pushed into position and fully seated.

5. Turn gear counterclockwise by hand to remove backlash (it will move slightly). Tighten the four bolts to 7 N-m (5 lb-ft). Remove the two timing lock pins and tighten the bolts to 52-70 N-m (38-52 lb-ft).

6. Rotate engine counterclockwise 90 degrees and then clockwise to the point where timing lock pin can be inserted in crankshaft damper. Insert timing lock pins into crankshaft damper and into fuel injection pump inner timing plate hole. If pin seats fully, timing is correct. If it does not seat, repeat timing procedure.

7. Install gear access plate using a new gasket. Tighten screws to 27-34 N-m (20-25 lb-ft).

Injection Pump Removed From Engine--Timing Bracket Removed or Loosened

1. Align timing bracket chisel mark with chisel mark on engine front cover. Tighten the timing bracket screw to 9-12 N-m (7-9 lb-ft).

If a new timing bracket is being installed, it is necessary to accurately position the timing bracket with the damper timing groove. This requires a special procedure found in Service Manual, Section 03-01A.

2. Lock the fuel injection pump No.1 delivery valve at port closure by inserting the timing lock pin into the fuel injection pump hub so that it locks into the hole in the injection pump inner timing plate. Remove the pin.

3. Set the engine, with No. 1 cylinder on the compression stroke, at static timing angle using the timing bracket and lock pin. Rotate the engine at least 20 degrees counterclockwise, then clockwise until the lock pin in the damper timing bracket engages the correct groove in the damper (Figure 12).

4. Install the injection pump on the engine. Refer to the Service Manual, Section 10-01B.

5. Install the pump gear and gear plate with four bolts loosely fitted.

6. Insert the Injection Pump Timing Lock Pin T91T-9000-A through the gear plate, gear, hub and into the inner timing plate hole (Figure 14).

7. Rotate the pump gear counterclockwise to remove the pump gear backlash. Tighten the four bolts on the gear to 7 N-m (5 lb-ft). Remove the timing lock pin and tighten bolts to 52-70 N-m (38-52 lb-ft). Install the front cover using a new gasket. Tighten screws to 27-34N-m (20-25 lb-ft).

Injection Pump Off Engine--Timing Bracket Undisturbed

l Perform Steps 2 through 7 of Static Timing: Injection Pump Off Engine--Timing Bracket Removed or Loosened.
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