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how do I tighten the parking brake on my 03 Expedition

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how do I tighten the parking brake on my 03 Expedition?

HelloCustomerand Thank you for choosing Just Answer.


To adjust the ebrake on your 2003 Expedition, There is a rubber plug about an inch long behind the Brake rotor, Remove this plug. Through the hole stick a flat type screwdriver in and there is a star wheel adjuster. Turn the adjuster until the ebrake hols the vehicle

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I thought that was to adjust the brakes on drum brakes, these have disk brakes in the rear

You are correct, They have rear disc brakes on your vehicle. The ebrake shoes are a drum set up and are located inside the rotor. If you remove the rotor yo will see the drum ebrake setup.


Here is a picture to help you better understand: Click on the picture




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
okay, so do I have to remove the rotor? or just do you first and much easier suggestion by removing the plug and using a spoon tool to tighten? Please advise. Thanks
You do not have to remove the rotor, I just showed you the picture to give you a visual. You can remove the rotor to adjust the wheel if you would like. But the rubber plug I stated in the previous post is the acess point to adjust the ebrake shoes without removing anything else. Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Kyle, there is no rubber plug to remove and adjust the parking brake, please advise, I just spent some time under the truck and there is nothing there like that.




There should be one behind the backing plate towards the bottom. You have to look behined the wheel on the backside were the axle goes into the rotor. The plug is on the backing plate not the rotor


I have also seen only a select few times, where Ford has forgot to stamp out the steel in the backing plate. So you may have to remove the rotor which is just 2 bolts to remove the caliper.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
there is the A frame for the suspension holding the wheel in place with the axle above this. The parking brake is above that, I can see the backing plate all around and behind these parts, I can see and touch the caliper, but there is no visual from the under side of the vehicle looking out at the wheel. In other words I am laying under the back of the truck inspecting the inner wheel and visually can not see any rubber plug. Help!
Ok, well seeing as you cannot locate the plug, Which can be tricky as you have found out. I would now just recommend removing the wheel, Removing the caliper (2 bolts) Then just removing the Rotor. I think this is your best bet for right now. Once you remove the rotor, you will see the start adjuster at the bottom of the ebrake setup

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