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1995 F150: Im trying to install new fuel lines from my front tank

Customer Question

Im trying to install new fuel lines from my front tank on a 1995 F150 4X4 L6 4.9ltr. Any help?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Vincent replied 8 years ago.

The switching valve is what is causing the rear tank to pump into the front tank.


I am trying to figure out why you are replacing the fuel lines?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the truck is a recent purchase. The fuel lines were leaking when i bought the truck. When I put in the new tank i noticed the the original fuel lines were cut and Fuel Injection Line was poorly used to add length to the lines, which were then attached to the sending unit. It is leaking mostly at the splice between the two different lines. I thought replacing the line from the sending unit to the Fuel filter or to the main line would work better. The Original line is the Braided metal line with the Inside liner. If you can gather im pretty lost as what my next move should be.
Expert:  Vincent replied 8 years ago.

Ford Dealerships most of the time have a kit to properly repair the fuel lines. Especially the plastic connectors. However, if the lines are leaking at a connection with the steel braided sections and the steel lines, replacment is really the only option.

You best bet would be a wrecking yard as buying the lines from Ford will be expensive and probably not available. Also from a wrecking yard, you will have a really good idea of how there are run.


Always keep in mind the pressures that these lines see. The fuel pump operates at 30 psi normally and can reach pressures over 70 psi. Not something that you want to take a chance with. Each tank has a high pressure fuel pump inside it. The selector switch changes which pump and sender is activated.


The switching valve (which is that black thing on the drivers side frame rail that has 6 fuel lines going to it) is the cause of the rear tank pumping into the front tank. This is pretty common on dual tank vehicles. Replacing the valve is the only fix.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
do you have any Diagrams that i could use to follow. I would prefer only removing and replacing the lines as far as necessary.
Expert:  Vincent replied 8 years ago.

One of the problems, and something that you have probably noticed, the fuel lines are pretty much one piece, except where there must be a connection. This is to limit the possibilities of leakage and missed connections during production.


Here is the only diagram that Ford gives for the fuel lines, I hope that it helps: