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my 1998 ford explorer suspension was squeaking ,difficult ...

Resolved Question:

my 1998 ford explorer suspension was squeaking ,difficult to control steering and balling front tires which were brand new but immediately became worn less than two months.the vehicle pull to one side when applying brakes.i know a little mechanic work but this is the problem.i change inner and outer tierod,lower control,upper control arm,front shocks on the front left and right side.when i drive off it was not making any noise but after taking it to the auto shop to get wheel alignment it started making noise especially when i go over a speed sounds like metal rubbing together or grinding.i suspect the noise is coming from the tierods or needs greasing.but how do i resolve this ignoring sound.the wheel is started but the noise is unbearable.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Vincent replied 9 years ago.
What is probably squeeking on your truck is the sway bar bushings. This is pretty common after any repairs as the sway bars get moved into a position that they do not normally see. If you look at the sway bars you will find a couple of brackets and bushings that mount the sway bar to the chassis of the truck. Spray some WD-40 in that area and redrive the truck. You will probably find the noise is either gone or greatly reduced. If that was the problem, then just a little spray grease in those locations will take care of the noise.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
would changing the sway bar bushings solve the problem .are they difficult to change and how is it done and do you need a special tool.
Expert:  Vincent replied 9 years ago.

They are not difficult too change and there is no special tools required. But a little grease will take care of the problem. Eventually the new bushings will require little lube as well. In fact what you will probably find is where the bushings sit around the bar, is a little corrosion of the bar. Taking a wire wheel to the bar and cleaning it up and then a little grease will take care of the noise.

Personally, I perfer to not change parts unless they really need it.

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