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Have a 99 ford escort lx..I need the wiring diagram to the ...

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Have a 99 ford escort lx..I need the wiring diagram to the air conditioner. The freon is fine..when I attach a wire from the air conditioner clutch to the battery it runs.. the fuses are fine the switch is good what else is it?
Here are the diagrams so you can verify the wiring and switches in the compressor circuit. The PCM must engage the relays to allow power to flow to the compressor clutch coil.


Page 2:
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
where is the commpressor circuit? Is it under the hood ? If you are facing the car is the clutch relay on the right hand side where the fuse box is?
The compressor circuit consists of all the wiring and switches that provide a path for electrical current to flow from the battery, to the clutch, to ground (which is equivalent to the negative battery post). So the circuit travels around several places under the hood, and is mapped out in the diagrams.

The clutch relay is called the WAC relay in the diagram, and it is housed inside a box called the Constant Control Relay Module.

The CCRM is located on the driver side, rearward of the headlight, shown in the lower right of the picture below:

The connector on the CCRM looks like this, you can match up the wires on this connector with the wires to the clutch coil on the compressor.